My Town: Car Repair - Mechanic

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Enter the exciting world of car repair with My Town: Car Repair - Mechanic! This app is perfect for kids who love cars and are curious about how they work. Whether they want to fix the family car or customize a different vehicle, this game offers endless adventures. Start by choosing a character and buying their first car from the dealership. Fill up at the gas station, go on a test drive, and then give the car a thorough wash at the car wash. With 7 different locations to explore, including a garage and a gas station, there is so much to do. This app also features a save game mode, so your progress is never lost. Let your child's imagination run wild and create the coolest ride in town. Suitable for both boys and girls aged 4-12, My Town games are a safe and engaging way for children to play and explore their creativity.

Features of My Town: Car Repair - Mechanic:

⭐️ Car Repair Experience: The app allows users to immerse themselves in the world of car repair, giving them the opportunity to be the best mechanic in their own garage.

⭐️ Interactive Gameplay: With its multi-touch function, children can play alone or collaborate with parents and friends on a single device, making it a fun and engaging experience for everyone.

⭐️ Diverse Locations: The app offers 7 different locations to explore, including the garage, car wash, gas station, and more. This allows for endless possibilities and adventures within the game.

⭐️ Save Game Mode: Users can easily exit or log out of the game without losing progress. They can pick it back up later and continue their adventure right where they left off.

⭐️ Customization Options: Users have the ability to repair and customize their cars, making them the coolest rides in town. They can let their creativity shine and create their dream vehicles.

⭐️ Suitable for All: This car repair game is suitable for both boys and girls aged 4-12. It offers a safe and enjoyable experience for kids, even when parents or family members are not present.


Step into the world of My Town: Car Repair - Mechanic and experience the ultimate car repair adventure. With its interactive gameplay, diverse locations, and customization options, this app offers endless hours of fun for car enthusiasts of all ages. Don't miss out on the chance to be the best mechanic and run the busiest workshop in town. Download now and let your creativity shine!



  • A like this game but ay finished to fixsit the car nothing happened the car is not going she's there and nothing happened and the people on the game she's getting a add a can't go free but for me is not free is getting a add please please please fixsit this game because i like this game a like it so much
    2024-03-29 10:45:24
  • The game is goof but I don't know how to take the cars to the car wash or to even take it to the the places to fix the cars so please if you could fix it please do.
    2024-03-29 02:03:47
  • Wow l like this game but how are you supposed to work the car wash and it is so difficult to get a vehicle in the garage or out that is way l give this game a 4 star fix this
    2024-03-28 23:35:16
  • This game is good but i think in my town home we have a car and a taxi with a map. so if you solve my problem so please solve it.
    2024-03-28 14:52:00
  • Ok i was playing and everything was going fine but when I took a car to the car wash and I can't get it out plz fix that it's is annoying
    2024-03-28 07:52:41
  • This game is very interesting and play a lot but can make changes like sounds and the small things can't getup so can you change after all it's very nice game Download it and enjoy
    2024-03-27 12:08:38