Brave Friends

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In Brave Friends, you will embark on an extraordinary journey filled with true friendships and thrilling adventures. Picture a picturesque island where a group of joyful animals once lived harmoniously, until a wicked witch disrupted their paradise. Now, all these lovable creatures are trapped inside magical cages, awaiting their hero. Only you possess the power to merge items, release the animals, and ultimately defeat the malevolent witch. As you progress, you'll uncover hidden territories, construct new buildings, and even stumble upon a mysterious island. Get ready for a whirlwind of quests, surprises, and heartwarming gifts on your quest to restore the animals' home. It's time to team up with your brave friends and make their dreams a reality.

Features of Brave Friends:

❤️ Exciting Adventure: Immerse yourself in a thrilling adventure filled with hidden treasures and brave animals.

❤️ Rescuing Animals: Use your power to free the captured animals from the wicked witch's magic cages and become their hero.

❤️ Merging Items: Merge various items to unlock new territories and buildings, giving you the opportunity to expand and discover more.

❤️ Mysterious Island: Explore a mysterious island and unveil its secrets. Who knows what wonders and surprises await you?

❤️ Exciting Quests and Gifts: Engage in numerous exciting quests that will challenge your skills and reward you with amazing gifts.

❤️ Rebuilding Home: Team up with the animals and help them rebuild their home. Restore their paradise and witness their happiness returning.


Download Brave Friends now and embark on an immersive adventure where you'll rescue brave animals, uncover hidden treasures, and rebuild a once-beautiful island. With exciting quests, merging items, and a mysterious island to explore, this app guarantees an unforgettable experience. Join forces with the animals, defeat the evil witch, and become their hero. Don't miss out on this captivating journey!



  • Awesome
    2024-03-29 12:18:23
  • Great game
    2024-03-27 18:46:09
  • Nice game but runs out of energy too fast, sometimes I even forget I have this game in my phone because of lack of energy. And also it's an offline game but can't login without internet
    2024-03-27 01:48:00
  • Great game colorful graphics easy too
    2024-03-26 22:20:27
  • Cheep knock off of merge animals no no you can make it different not exactly the same
    2024-03-26 13:28:30
  • I'm sorry....just tired of all the "use all the energy source to harvest and/or build" whatever objects that require it merge games! Then once your out of energy source or coins to purchase more,your finished! I also don't fancy having 2 take forever 2 build up something,(ie;buildings,domes WHATEVER the game calls for.) I'm also not keen on constantly having 2 feed a character. These types of merge games just aren't enjoyable for me! The graphics aren't 2 bad & im sure it's well made otherwise
    2024-03-25 20:27:37