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RiichiCity - ACG mahjong games is an exciting and immersive anime-style mahjong game that will captivate both beginners and masters of the game. Step into the world of Riichi City and be greeted by adorable and charming girls who will accompany you on a delightful mahjong journey. Battle against real players and ACG characters to dominate the city and be crowned the ultimate mahjong champion. With various match modes available, you can experience the exhilaration of real mahjong games. This user-friendly app also offers beginner-friendly functions, tutorials, and hints to ensure everyone can enjoy the thrill of playing mahjong online. Join the community, compete in tournaments, and win generous rewards in this thrilling mahjong adventure!

Features of RiichiCity - ACG mahjong games:

> Anime-style Mahjong: Immerse yourself in the world of anime with this free mahjong game. Play alongside adorable and charming girls who are waiting for you.

> Various Game Modes: Whether you're a beginner or a mahjong master, there are different match modes available to suit your skill level. Experience the excitement of real mahjong games.

> User-Friendly Design: Even if you're new to mahjong, the app's user-friendly design makes it easy for you to learn and enjoy the game. Dive into the fun of playing mahjong online.

> Real-Life Design Elements: Feel like you're playing live Japanese mahjong games with the app's real-life design elements, including mahjong houses, cafés, and convenience stores.

> Unique ACG Characters: Meet and bond with different ACG characters, each with their own playing styles and personalities. Grow with them and improve your mahjong skills.

> Fully Voiced by Famous Japanese CVs: Renowned Japanese voice actors bring the ACG characters in Riichi City to life. Lead them as their captain in mahjong tournaments.


Experience the world of anime with RiichiCity - ACG mahjong games, a delightful mahjong game that features adorable girls and exciting gameplay. With various game modes, user-friendly design, and real-life elements, this app provides an immersive and enjoyable mahjong experience. Meet unique ACG characters and enjoy the exceptional voice acting talent of famous Japanese CVs. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, it offers a friendly learning environment. Join the vibrant community and participate in events for generous rewards. Click now to download and ignite your mahjong soul!



  • solid game, just start 3 hours straight gamee
    2024-03-30 16:27:35
  • nice game, say better than mahjong soul!
    2024-03-30 08:05:00
  • nice game bro
    2024-03-29 23:26:50
  • I just want to play the game, not have some story about underage, under dressed anime chicks. "Im SiXTeEn, LeTs PlAy
    2024-03-29 07:09:18
  • Love playing mahjong and I like this better than mahjong soul..
    2024-03-28 22:56:43
  • best mahjong app ever.. better than masoul
    2024-03-27 23:37:19