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Welcome to Fashion Mother - dress up. After welcoming her baby girl into the world, this stunning mother has noticed that she has gained quite a bit of weight. Stepping onto the scale today, she was shocked to see that she now weighs 80kgs. As a former lover of fashion and beauty, she simply cannot accept her current weight and is determined to shed the pounds as quickly as possible. Join her on this weight-loss journey as she utilizes various training devices to get back in shape. Additionally, help her through a careful facial makeover process and even try your hand at applying her makeup. Once she feels confident and beautiful, dress her up in stylish clothes and accessories. Don't forget about her adorable little baby girl - you can also dress her up in cute, fashionable outfits. Let's witness the transformation of this amazing mother and daughter duo!

Features of Fashion Mother - dress up:

> Variety of training devices: The app provides a wide range of training devices specifically designed for mothers to help them lose weight effectively.

> Facial makeover process: Users can enjoy a careful facial makeover process, where they can pamper themselves with various beauty treatments to enhance their overall appearance.

> DIY face make up: The app allows users to experiment with different makeup styles and techniques, providing them with the tools and freedom to create their own unique look.

> Dress up with style: Users can dress up the mother character with fashionable clothes and accessories, helping her achieve a stylish and trendy appearance.

> Adorable baby girl clothing: The app also includes a clothing selection for the baby girl, enabling users to dress up the little one in cute and fashionable outfits.

> Mother-daughter showcase: Users can witness the beautiful bond between the mother and her daughter, presenting them with heartwarming scenes that showcase their love and connection.


Fashion Mother - dress up is a one-stop solution for moms who aspire to regain their pre-pregnancy figure while also enjoying the process of self-care and nurturing their beauty. With a wide range of training devices, facial makeover options, and stylish clothing selections, users can feel motivated and inspired to embark on their weight loss journey. Additionally, the app's focus on the mother-daughter relationship highlights the precious moments shared between them, fostering a sense of joy and happiness. Don't wait any longer, download the app now and witness the transformation of this beautiful mother!