Brain Tour-Master Go!

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Welcome to Brain Tour-Master Go!, the ultimate destination for casual puzzle games and brain-training challenges! Embark on a brain tour like no other as you travel between vibrant islands, each offering a unique and thrilling experience. Dive into a world of intriguing puzzles that will test your skills and keep you entertained for hours. As a Bridge Engineer, you must build sturdy and cost-effective bridges, putting your engineering talents to the test. Can you construct a bridge that can withstand the weight of a truck? Merge Land offers a captivating blend of building, farming, and exploration. Create and manage your very own hotel, meet fascinating characters, and expand your island paradise. Merge buildings, upgrade your facilities, and turn your humble island into a remarkable resort. But the fun doesn't stop there! Discover hidden stories as you interact with the colorful characters on your island tour and complete their tasks. Grow crops, cook delicious meals, and provide for your guests' needs. With new activities, maps, and surprises waiting to be explored, Puzzle Island guarantees endless excitement and brain-challenging fun. Don't miss this incredible brain tour—become a master of puzzles and merging today!

Features of Brain Tour-Master Go!:

- Fun and creative puzzle games to enjoy on a puzzle island.

- Build bridges using different materials in the budget limit.

- Merge and build a grand hotel to upgrade and expand.

- Customize and arrange various facilities on your holiday island.

- Interact with characters, complete tasks, and discover interesting stories.

- Engage in farming, cooking, and exploring new activities and maps.


Embark on a brain tour with Brain Tour-Master Go! and experience the joy of solving puzzles, building bridges, and merging objects. Take on the role of a bridge engineer and test your skills in constructing sturdy bridges with a limited budget. Develop your own grand hotel by merging buildings and upgrading them. Create a beautiful merge county on your holiday island by arranging different facilities. Connect with various characters, complete tasks, and uncover fascinating stories. Engage in farming, cooking, and explore new activities and maps. Download now and become a master of puzzles and merges!



  • Nothing like the ads, I installed it because of the puzzle like in the ads. Then surprised that there are planting and harvesting in the game. Too many scam nowadays.
    2024-03-27 08:57:39
  • Nice game.. Have to wait for energy too long.. Quite impatient for me..
    2024-03-26 23:03:40
  • I saw in the adds that you will build a truck path, then when I install it, you will make bread and you will plant it, which I am dissapointed, the game is not good if you have a brother 
    2024-03-26 00:49:46
  • Good app especially while passing time..
    2024-03-25 07:41:17
  • Enjoyable pay but far too many charges and payments requested
    2024-03-25 05:17:14
  • Terrible merge game that is forced...NOT the ring puzzle as advertised
    2024-03-24 20:30:36