Merge Design: Home Makeover

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Merge Design: Home Makeover Game is a captivating app that allows users to unleash their creativity and design skills in the world of home renovation. With various options to choose from, players can merge furniture and create unique room designs, remodel old apartments, or even build their dream mansion. By solving merge puzzles and fixing furniture, players can transform shabby apartments into coveted real estate. The game offers addictive gameplay, where players start from the floor, plan furniture layouts, pick accessories, and mix and match colors to create stunning living spaces. With exciting levels, gorgeous visuals, and regular updates, Merge Design is the ultimate game for those who love to create beautiful spaces and experiment with different styles.

Features of Merge Design: Home Makeover:

❤️ Merge furniture and create room designs: Combine different pieces to create unique and beautiful spaces.

❤️ Remodel old apartments or build amazing mansions: Transform shabby apartments into desirable real estate.

❤️ Solve merge puzzles: Train your brain and designer skills by fixing furniture and solving fun puzzles.

❤️ Meet charming characters: Help them restore their family homes to their former glory.

❤️ Relaxing merge gameplay: Enjoy addictive gameplay and complete levels in this satisfying merge game.

❤️ Regular updates and fixes: Experience a smooth gameplay with regular updates and fixes for a more enjoyable experience.


Merge Design: Home Makeover is the perfect app for those who love to create beautiful spaces and experiment with different styles. With its unique merge gameplay, you can unleash your creativity and transform ordinary homes into stunning masterpieces. Solve puzzles, meet charming characters, and enjoy regular updates for a seamless and addictive experience. Download Merge Design now and become a professional home decorator today!



  • I think the game is ok. Takes to long to get items made. Chest need to throw items you need to make not just 1item and then all the other items that aren't necessary at the time. Also takes to long to complete a lever. Another thing I have to find a blossoming flower and have absolutely no idea where to start cause non of my sources make them. Also there needs to be another way to gain more diamonds or energy. Update this app w all the suggestions from your reviews. May help.
    2024-03-27 00:29:37
  • I have enjoyed this game but recently it started to glitch on the higher rooms and items were not showing up. I Uninstalled it to see if it would fix the problem, it started me at level one agree. Not to thrilled about that part.
    2024-03-26 20:33:31
  • Lovely game with no instructions. Stuck because i cant get the flowers if i havent unlocked it yet. Only other thing i need is table and chairs and thats taking forever so may uninstall. Sad because i actually like the decor options for once.
    2024-03-26 16:14:12
  • This game is the only one I ave played and are still playing. On this device. Although I do ave about 2 on my other phone. Although I ave downloaded quite a few of these types of merge games of yours. The last few Weeks. And found out that a lot of them do drain my phone's battery. I ave Just installed another one of your Christmas merge games too play as well on this device. It's nice too ave a different type of merge game instead of match 3s all the time.
    2024-03-25 08:01:36
  • Definitely has excessive wait times & energy limitations that kill any possible enjoyment that you can get from playing the game. I suggest just moving on to one of the other hundreds of merge games for the same type of gameplay but, not be bogged down by so much waiting.
    2024-03-24 23:19:05
  • I just started playing today but it's hard to read when it's going to fast. Maybe make the players control the the reading by pushing the arrow when they are done reading each line then they can get into the story itself.
    2024-03-24 22:15:49