MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles

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MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles is a unique and engaging app that brings a new dimension to Sudoku mobile gaming. With its four different variations of Samurai Sudoku, players can start with the easier 2-Grid puzzles and work their way up to the challenging 5-Grid puzzles. Each variant has a different overlapping grid configuration, providing a twist of brain-challenging logic. The app's no-frills game design and graphic previews make it easy to see the puzzle progress and stay engaged. Plus, with no ads and a Weekly Bonus section offering an extra free puzzle every week, players can enjoy hours of intellectual challenge and fun.

Features of MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles:

❤️ Four different Samurai Sudoku variations available.

❤️ Puzzle library continuously updates with new content.

❤️ Graphic previews show the progress of puzzles as they are being solved.

❤️ No ads, providing an uninterrupted gaming experience.

❤️ Weekly Bonus section offers an extra free puzzle each week.

❤️ Multiple difficulty levels from easy to hard, catering to different skill levels.


MultiSudoku: Samurai Puzzles is a unique and exciting Sudoku app that offers a variety of Samurai Sudoku puzzles to challenge and engage users. With its straightforward design and regular content updates, this app ensures hours of intellectual challenge and fun. The absence of ads allows for uninterrupted gameplay, while the addition of a Weekly Bonus section provides users with an extra puzzle to enjoy each week. Whether you are a beginner or an expert Sudoku player, it has multiple difficulty levels to suit your level of expertise. Download now to sharpen your logic and improve your cognitive skills!



  • Love the multiple grids and how they interlink. Would be 5 stars, but you get a limited number of them before you have to pay for more. 24 Easy, 24 Mediem and 24 Hard are free. Beyond that, new packs of 24 range from $0.99 - $5.99. Once I'm done with the free, I'll likely delete the app.
    2024-03-26 17:06:07
  • It has some features, such as the highlighting system, which I like. There are many normal Sudokus but this one is more complex. One feature, I do not like is the pencilling. You have to select all individually and then unselect the ones you can eliminate.
    2024-03-26 16:51:57
  • Excellent app!!!! There are various puzzles based on easy, medium, hard levels and guess what...each level has its own multi-grid level puzzles starting from 2-grid variations and then 3-grid and so on.... I have thoroughly enjoyed this app so far. The variety of puzzles coming as one advances is amazing. I am at medium level puzzle 9 right now. Thank you!!! Kudos to the makers!!!
    2024-03-26 12:28:55
  • I really like this sudoku app. An idea for improvement would be to be able to change the color of the pencil marks. Sometimes depending on the light I'm in it's really hard to see the yellow/orange marks. I would've given it a 5 but there's only a limited number of puzzles and I've done all of them already.
    2024-03-25 21:55:20
  • Great game, if it weren't for the fact that the vast majority of the puzzles are locked behind a paywall. Quite literally 3/213 puzzle packs are free, with the rest costing between $1 and $5.49 *each*. If there were more free packs or you got more for your money, this would be 5*, but right now I can't give it that.
    2024-03-24 21:32:32
  • I throughly enjoy the puzzles and I enjoy the challenges. My only criticism would be after you get past the free puzzle packs, I feel like there are some that are over priced. I would really like to see options to buy multiple puzzle packs at one time for a discounted rate.
    2024-03-24 20:45:27