Kick Giant: Imposter hero

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Introducing a thrilling and addictive game that will crush your stress away! Kick Giant: Imposter hero is the ultimate antidepressant game that offers a fun and satisfying way to release your anger. Whether you're in the mood to win battles or simply unwind, this game has got you covered. Tap on the giants and let out your frustrations as you earn coins and progress through levels. From smashing their heads with hammers to setting them on fire with flamethrowers, the options to demolish these giants are endless. Upgrade your arsenal, unlock new heroes, and become the master of slicing and shooting in this action-packed game. Get ready to crush, shoot, and destroy all those crazy giants and experience the power of weapons in this exhilarating 3D simulator game!

Features of Kick Giant: Imposter hero:

⭐️ Stress Relief: This app serves as an antidepressant game, providing a fun and engaging way to relieve stress and anger.

⭐️ Tap-based Gameplay: Users can tap on the giants to release their anger and win battles, earning coins as a reward.

⭐️ Wide Range of Weapons: The app offers a variety of weapons, including hammers, flamethrowers, and even toilets, allowing users to unleash their creativity in defeating the giants.

⭐️ Upgrade Arsenal and Unlock Heroes: Players can upgrade their weapons and unlock new heroes as they progress, adding depth and excitement to the game.

⭐️ Simple Controls: The app features simple and intuitive controls, making it easy for users of all ages to enjoy the gameplay.

⭐️ Hilarious Characters and Sounds: The game is filled with hilarious characters and entertaining punching sounds, adding humor and enjoyment to the overall experience.


Are you looking for a fun and effective way to relieve stress and anger? Look no further! Download Kick Giant: Imposter hero and take up arms against crazy giants. With its wide range of weapons, hilarious characters, and simple controls, you'll have a blast crushing, shooting, and slicing your way to victory. Upgrade your arsenal, unlock heroes, and earn coins in this addictive and relaxing game. Don't let stress get the best of you – download now and unwind while having a great time!