Fish Farm Tycoon: Idle Factory

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In Fish Farm Tycoon: Idle Factory, you will take on the role of the heir to a struggling fishing factory. Your family business has hit rock bottom, and it's up to you to turn things around. Dive into the exciting world of fish processing as you build your empire from the ground up. From fishing to peeling, cutting, and packing, every step is crucial in creating a successful production line. Hire employees, purchase machines, and fulfill fish orders from around the globe. Don't let your workers slack off! Once your fish have been processed, transport them to the food court and create mouthwatering seafood dishes. Your business skills will be put to the test as you navigate the food market and strike lucrative deals. Upgrade your facility to expand your operations and increase production capacity. Let automation do the work while you focus on growing your industrial chain. Show off your talent as a savvy entrepreneur and watch the profits roll in. The journey to becoming a fishery tycoon starts now! Step into this casual simulation idle game and unleash your business potential. Get ready to make a splash, entrepreneurs!

Features of Fish Farm Tycoon: Idle Factory:

- Build a fish processing production line by fishing, peeling, cutting, and packing.

- Manage workers, machines, and orders to fulfill fish orders from around the world.

- Make deals in the food market by transporting processed fish to the food court to create various seafood dishes.

- Upgrade and expand your business by increasing production capacity through automated production lines.

- Make wise decisions to successfully operate your seafood factory and gain more profits.

- Enjoy a casual simulation idle game that allows you to fully release your business talent.


Take on the role of the heir of a bankrupt fishing factory and revive your family business in Fish Farm Tycoon: Idle Factory. Build a fish processing production line, manage workers and machines, fulfill fish orders from around the world, and make deals in the food market. Upgrade and expand your business while making wise decisions to become a successful fishery tycoon. Download now and enjoy this casual simulation idle game to showcase your business talent!