Marbel My Favourite Fruits

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Marbel My Favourite Fruits is the perfect app for kids aged6-10years old. With six exciting games to choose from, kids can have fun while learning about fruits and developing important skills. In the Fruits Harvest game, they will learn about fruits and counting, while in Yummy Fruits, they will learn to clean up and slice the fruits before serving. Juice and Fruit Cake games will teach them how to make delicious and nutritious fruit juice and cakes from fruits, respectively. The Salad game will enable them to make a tasty salad. With Marbel & Friends, kids will also learn about ten different fruits. The app is not only educational but also free of charge, ensuring that your child gets a proper game without any ads or the need for a credit card. In addition to being a game, Marbel My Favorite Fruits is also an educational tool. So, why not install Marbel on your tablet or smartphone and give your child the opportunity to learn while having fun?

Features of Marbel My Favourite Fruits:

❤️ Specialized for kids aged 6-10 years old

❤️ 6 exciting games to play, including fruit harvest, making juice and cake, and creating a salad

❤️ Learn about 10 different kinds of fruits with Marbel and Friends

❤️ Narration feature to help kids explore the app

❤️ Free to play with the option to remove ads without using a credit card

❤️ Categorized as an edu-game, learning app, interactive learning, puzzle game, and more


Marbel My Favorite Fruits is a fun and educational game designed for kids aged 6-10. With 6 exciting games to play, children can learn about fruits, counting, cooking, and more. The app also features narration and is completely free to play, with the option to remove ads. By providing a proper game for your kids, you can avoid misuse of technology while still offering an educational experience. Join Marbel and Friends in their journey of learning and fun. Get the app installed on your tablet or smartphone today!