Bookworm Classic
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Get ready to challenge your word skills with Bookworm Classic! This addictive puzzle game will test your ability to form words by linking letters. As you submit words, they are removed from the grid and new tiles replace them. The longer the words you create, the more points you earn. With 5 different tile types and the option to shuffle letters, Bookworm Classic offers endless fun. No registration or complex rules, just pure word puzzle enjoyment. Download the latest version of Bookworm Classic for FREE and unleash your inner bookworm!

Features of the App:

- Word Formation: Players can form words by linking the letters on the grid.

- Grid Refresh: As words are formed and submitted, new tiles replace them, keeping the game dynamic.

- Points System: The longer the words formed, the higher the points earned.

- Variety of Tiles: The game offers 5 different types of tiles, including wood, fire, leaf, gold, sapphire, and diamond.

- Shuffle Options: The app provides two shuffle options - Passive Shuffle automatically scrambles letters when no words can be formed, and Active Shuffle allows players to manually scramble letters at the cost of fire tiles.

- Bonus Words: Completing bonus words gives players a hefty bonus to their score, with the bonus increasing for each bonus completed.


Are you a bookworm who loves puzzles? Look no further! Download the latest puzzle game, Bookworm Classic, for FREE! With its easy-to-understand gameplay and no complex rules or registration required, this game is perfect for all bookworms looking to have fun. Challenge yourself to form words by linking letters on the grid and earn points based on the length of the words. The game keeps you engaged with its grid refresh feature, ensuring new tiles replace the ones you've used. With a variety of tiles to choose from and two shuffle options, you'll never get bored. Don't forget to complete bonus words for a hefty score boost! But be careful of burning tiles reaching the bottom, as it will be game over. So, what are you waiting for? Click to download Bookworm Classic now and make fun with puzzles!