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Embark on a thrilling journey of words and challenge your brain with the captivating Wordwise® - Word Connect Game! This free crossword game is the perfect combination of fun and mental acumen, allowing you to expand your vocabulary while having a blast. Swipe to connect words and uncover hidden ones in each level, earning rewards and hints along the way. With over 1000 levels to explore, you'll never be bored of this addictive game. Immerse yourself in stunning locations and landmarks as you train your brain and enjoy the fancy animations. Whether you're a word game enthusiast or a casual player, Word Connect Game - Wordwise is a must-try. Download now and get ready for the ultimate word connect adventure!

Features of Wordwise® - Word Connect Game:

❤️ Fun and challenging word connect gameplay: Test your mental acumen and improve your vocabulary by connecting words in this crossword game.

❤️ Free to play: Enjoy all the features of the game without any cost.

❤️ Wide variety of levels: With over 1000 word connect games, you'll never get bored and can continually discover new challenges.

❤️ Offline play: Play the game anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection.

❤️ Explore different locations and landmarks: Dive into a world of wonder as you uncover words and discover new places.

❤️ Endless hints: Never get stuck on a difficult word connect spot with the help of unlimited hints.


Word Connect Game - Wordwise is the perfect app for word game enthusiasts. With its fun and challenging gameplay, wide variety of levels, and beautiful locations to explore, it offers an exciting word trip experience. The fact that it is free to play and can be played offline makes it even more appealing. Don't wait any longer, download the app now and embark on the ultimate word connect gaming adventure.



  • I don't know if the update is intentional or not, but I can't access the game itself, leaving me black screen then force close app. Please help, my progress is far :'(
    2024-02-09 10:02:43
  • Decent game, ads are no more or less than most free games ... unfortunately with the most recent update it no longer runs on my Samsung 10+ ... it locks hard, actually had to reboot the phone -- not good
    2024-02-08 07:58:51
  • I've just started. But from the small time I spend playing this game its addicting. Keeps me busy with my Grammar to be prompt and new words as small as they maybe I'm more aware of them. Helps the
    2024-02-08 05:49:54
  • Animation of functional steps liked pressing a button gets really annoying after a while. It takes so long to did anything.
    2024-02-07 08:14:47
  • This game is good . And this is also a source to learn English but There is no level even we have crossed 1001 level but there is no change during levels . Otherwise it is a good source of timepaas and to learn English.
    2024-02-06 20:34:05
  • It was presented differently, but it's ok. I hate the ads there's a glitch in it, I'll play it for a little while then delete and move on.
    2024-02-06 14:11:38