Word Fortune Wheel of Phrases

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Introducing Word Fortune Wheel of Phrases, the ultimate game for crossword, mystery word, and word search enthusiasts. Spin the wheel and uncover new letters to solve the puzzle. Play alone or with up to 4 friends on your phone or tablet. With dozens of words from various categories, you'll have endless fun. Earn points and coins to buy vowels and unlock new wheels. Aim for the Golden Wheel to become the Word Fortune champion. Don't like "Bankrupt"? Exchange your coins for a second spin. Compete with other players and save your score on the leaderboard. Available in multiple languages. Download now and start your word adventure!

Features of this App:

- Crosswords, mystery word puzzles, and word search games: This app offers a variety of word games to keep you entertained and challenged.

- Show-like experience: Spin the wheel and uncover new letters, just like in a game show, to help you solve the puzzle and find the answer.

- Buy vowels: Use your gathered points or coins to purchase vowels, making it easier to guess the correct word.

- Play alone or with others: Enjoy the game by yourself or invite up to 4 friends to play together on your phone or tablet.

- Dozens of words from various categories: With a wide range of words to discover, you'll have endless fun playing this game for a long time.

- Classic mode with bonus fields: In the classic mode, you can earn points, coins, and unlock new wheels. Discovering a wheel will give you bonus fields and higher point values, helping you accumulate points faster.


If you're a fan of crosswords, mystery word puzzles, and word search games, this app is perfect for you. With its show-like experience, the thrill of spinning the wheel, and the option to buy vowels, it offers an engaging and challenging gameplay. Whether you prefer playing alone or with friends, this app provides hours of entertainment with its wide range of words from various categories. The classic mode with bonus fields adds an extra level of excitement, allowing you to accumulate points quicker. Plus, if you don't like the "Bankrupt" obstacle, you can overcome it by exchanging your coins for a special function. Download this app now and become the Word Fortune champion!



  • Its fun an cheap money! No u move up on wheels with bigger $
    2024-02-09 23:50:35
  • Awesome.. Brain Stimulation..and fun. Challenge in.
    2024-02-09 19:17:00
  • Lots of fun
    2024-02-09 17:58:33
  • I like the game, but came across an error in "famous people" Isaac Newton was the answer but the game insisted the spelling was Izaak !!!
    2024-02-09 09:44:09
  • It's fun but all the button tapping gets annoying.
    2024-02-09 02:39:16
  • Game is fun but would be helpful if it showed what letters were already chosen
    2024-02-08 14:59:31