Scottie Go! Labyrinth

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Embark on an intergalactic adventure with Scottie Go! Labyrinth, the exciting new extension to the Scottie Go! world. Help Scottie collect crystals to fuel his spaceship and continue his journey through outer space. With 52 challenging quests, this game will test your logic and problem-solving skills. Scottie Go! Labyrinth combines traditional board game elements with an innovative app, allowing you to write programs that control Scottie's movements. Improve your analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and algorithmic intuition while having hours of fun. Download Scottie Go! Labyrinth now and join Scottie on his thrilling space adventure!

Features of the App:

- Challenging Logic and Brain Teaser Quests: The app offers 52 challenging quests that will test your logical thinking skills and provide a brain-teasing experience.

- Fuel Scottie's Spaceship: Help Scottie collect crystals to fuel his spaceship and resume his travels in outer space. The fate of the friendly alien depends on you!

- Learn Coding and Algorithmic Thinking: While playing the game, you will also learn the foundation concepts of coding and algorithmic thinking, making it a fun and educational experience.

- Hybrid Game Experience: Scottie Go! Labyrinth combines elements of a traditional board game, an innovative application, and creative challenges. It offers a unique and engaging gameplay experience.

- Develop Analytical and Logical Thinking Skills: By playing this game, you can improve your analytical and logical thinking skills, which are essential for problem-solving in various aspects of life.

- Group Work and Problem Solving: The app encourages players to work in groups and solve complex problems together, fostering teamwork and collaboration.


Scottie Go! Labyrinth is an exciting and educational game that offers a unique blend of entertainment and learning. With its challenging quests, players can improve their analytical and logical thinking skills while having fun. The app's hybrid game experience, combining traditional board game elements with an innovative application, provides an engaging gameplay experience. By helping Scottie collect crystals and fuel his spaceship, players also learn coding and algorithmic thinking concepts. Whether you're playing alone or in a group, Scottie Go! Labyrinth offers hours of great fun and learning for children of all ages. Click the link below to download the app and embark on Scottie's new adventures in outer space!