Alice Wonder Match

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Join Alice on her adventure in Wonderland once again in the new match-3 puzzle game, "Alice Wonder Match". Help Alice fight the Cardassians, battle the Queen, and assist the Mad Hatter in this exciting and fun-filled game. With dozens of different mission tactics and 1500 stages to experience, there's never a dull moment. Play offline without the need for Wi-Fi and enjoy the colorful graphics. Just be sure to save your progress in settings to avoid losing your data. Download now and embark on a magical journey with Alice in Wonderland!

Features of Alice Wonder Match App:

- New type of match-3 puzzle game: This app offers a unique twist on the classic match-3 puzzle game genre, providing a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.

- Dozens of different mission tactics: With a wide variety of mission tactics to choose from, players will never get bored. Each mission presents a new challenge and requires strategic thinking to overcome.

- Play offline without data connections: No need to worry about Wi-Fi or internet connections. This app allows you to play offline, making it perfect for on-the-go entertainment.

- Various missions and colorful graphics: Explore the vibrant and enchanting world of Wonderland through various missions. The colorful graphics bring the magical world to life, immersing players in a visually stunning experience.

- Experience 1500 different stages: With a whopping 1500 different stages to conquer, this app offers hours of gameplay and endless entertainment. There's always a new stage waiting to be explored.

- In-app purchases and support: While the app is free to download, it offers in-game currency, items, and paid products such as removing advertisements. The app also provides support via email, ensuring that any issues or problems are quickly addressed.


Join Alice on her adventure in Wonderland and play this exciting match-3 puzzle game. With its unique gameplay, diverse mission tactics, and stunning graphics, this app guarantees hours of fun and entertainment. Whether you're a fan of the original story or simply love puzzle games, this app is a must-download. Play offline, conquer 1500 different stages, and immerse yourself in the magical world of Wonderland. Don't miss out on this enchanting experience - click to download now!



  • This game is nothing special just the same as all the others.
    2024-02-07 16:18:11
  • I'm loving this game Alice Wonder Match
    2024-02-06 05:55:10
  • brilliant amazing addictive
    2024-02-05 03:33:38
  • this is a really good game too play
    2024-02-04 01:05:14
  • It gives you to many hints to win
    2024-02-04 00:09:25
  • only new at this don't really understand it yet
    2024-02-03 16:12:13