Farm Town - Family Farming Day

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Welcome to Farm Town, a delightful app where you can immerse yourself in family adventures and the joy of farming! Grow plants, explore new lands, and care for adorable pets and animals. Sell your goods to expand your village and bring happiness to your lands. With mini-games, beautiful decorations, and the ability to invite friends to play together, there's always something fun to do. Plus, you can indulge in fishing, mining, and jewelry crafting. Play offline and enjoy the relaxing gameplay wherever you are. Download now and experience the enchantment of Farm Town!

Features of Farm Town - Family Farming Day:

> Build factories to grow your business: Create different factories to expand your farming empire and increase your earnings.

> Take care of cute pets and animals: Enjoy the charming company of adorable and friendly pets and animals that will bring joy to your farm.

> Harvest and sell fruits, vegetables, and berries: Grow a variety of crops and sell them to earn coins, allowing you to expand and improve your village.

> Play immersive merge mini-game: Have fun with a merge mini-game that will keep you entertained and engaged while merging different items.

> Decorate your farm with various unique decorations: Personalize your farm by adding beautiful and distinct decorations that reflect your style.

> Invite friends to play and enjoy the game together: Share the experience with your friends, allowing you to collaborate and have a great time together.


Farm Town is the ultimate gaming experience for those who love family adventures and farming. With its engaging storyline, adorable pets, and various activities like harvesting crops, playing mini-games, and decorating your farm, this app offers endless fun and relaxation. Whether you're on a train or plane, the offline game mode allows you to enjoy the game anywhere. Download Farm Town now and dive into the vibrant world of farming and adventure!



  • Like many users said, even I'm having an issue unlocking the mine in the game. Whenever I try to unlock it the game freezes. If I do any progress after opening the game, it is lost after I try to unlock the mine. Please fix this soon.
    2024-02-07 10:32:30
  • Fun and everything. The only thing I find annoying is how you have to keep tapping to zoom back out and clear the menu. It would be so much easier to keep movement fluid between tasks. Other than that, great game!
    2024-02-07 04:24:48
  • I had to uninstall the game when I reached the mine level. The mine never downloaded, it just froze everything else. It's impossible to play without the mine at a certain level as its goods are required to aid expansion. So I got rid of the game and moved on... Shame.
    2024-02-06 23:17:15
  • I like the game- BUT the ads =
    2024-02-06 16:37:54
  • I love this game! Been playing for around a month, but I don't know why the game keeps freezing everytime I try to repair the mining site, please help! That's my only struggle, thank you!
    2024-02-06 06:20:31
  • Overall decent game, but it requires you to watch ads and buy gems to get anything done. I got to about level 12 before I decided it was too frustrating because nothing has enough slots, and the silo doesn't have enough space to do or hold much of anything at once, forcing you to watch ads or spend gems to speed up the process of what you have. Not to mention customers always want things you don't have, so it forces you to need even more slots on machines just for that.
    2024-02-05 19:45:25