Low Battery: Power outage

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Get ready to take on the challenge of an unknown game designer trying to prevent you from charging your phone! In this addictive and exciting game - Low Battery: Power outage, you'll encounter various levels filled with puzzles and obstacles to block your charger. Use your wisdom and problem-solving skills to overcome these challenges and fill up your phone with power. With physical collisions, refractions of light, and twisted wires, pay attention to the order and show the designer that you won't be easily messed with! Download now and prove your skills!

Features of Low Battery: Power outage:

* Challenging levels: The app presents various levels that are designed to prevent you from charging your phone. Each level offers a unique challenge to keep you engaged and test your problem-solving skills.

* Puzzle-solving gameplay: To overcome the obstacles and charge your phone, you must use your wisdom and intelligence to solve puzzles. Be ready to think outside the box and find creative solutions.

* Interactive charging process: Experience a realistic charging process through physical collisions, light refractions, and twisted wires. This adds a touch of realism and makes the game more engaging.

* Order of actions: Pay attention to the order in which you perform actions. Planning and executing the right sequence of steps is crucial to progress through the levels and successfully charge your phone.

* Unique gameplay experience: By challenging the game designer's attempts to block your charging, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. Show them that you are not easy to mess with!

* Personalization: Discover who you truly are as you conquer the game. Unravel your own potential and prove that you have what it takes to overcome obstacles.


Unleash your wisdom and outsmart the game designer in this engaging and challenging puzzle game. Overcome various obstacles and puzzles to charge your phone while experiencing physical collisions, light refractions, and twisted wires. With unique gameplay and a sense of empowerment, show the designer that you are not easily defeated. Discover your true potential and download the app now to embark on this exciting journey!



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