Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks

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Discover a world of magic and adventure with Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks! This incredible app is designed for children aged 2-7, offering fun, safe, and interactive gameplay. With a customizable train set, kids can shape their own thrilling adventure on the Island of Sodor. Join Thomas, Percy, Kana, and other beloved engines as you collect track pieces, build train sets, and win toys and decorations. Race through canyon rapids, balance your engine on Cannonball Curve, transport passengers and cargo, and much more. Get ready for hours of excitement and imagination with this ultimate train set adventure!

Features of Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks:

Magical Train Adventure: Immerse yourself in a magical train adventure with Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the Island of Sodor.

Fun and Interactive Gameplay: This app offers a fun, safe, and interactive gameplay experience for children aged With engaging mini-games, kids can shape their own fun adventure and customize their train set.

Favorite Engines: Play with beloved characters like Thomas, Percy, Kana, and more! Kids can ride the rails with their favorite engines and experience the joy of collecting toys and decorations for their very own Island of Sodor.

Easy and Safe Train Games: The app provides easy and safe train games specifically designed for boys and girls. Children can enjoy the gameplay without any complicated controls or risks.

Exciting Mini Train Games: Experience a variety of exciting mini train games within the app. Ride the canyon rapids, balance your engine on Cannonball Curve, transport passengers and cargo, and clear the tracks of obstacles.

Tips for users:

Collect Track Pieces: Explore the game and collect track pieces to expand your train set. The more tracks you collect, the more possibilities for your adventures.

Win Toys and Decorations: Complete mini-games and challenges to win toys and decorations for your Island of Sodor. Use your creativity to make your train set unique and beautiful.

Race Against Fellow Engines: Challenge your friends or virtual opponents in thrilling races. Speed your engine to victory and show off your skills on the tracks.


Thomas & Friends: Magic Tracks is the ultimate train set adventure for children aged With its fun and interactive gameplay, kids can ride the rails with their favorite engines, collect track pieces, and build their own Island of Sodor. The app offers a wide range of mini-games that provide hours of entertainment. With easy and safe controls, children can fully immerse themselves in the magical world of Thomas & Friends. Download the app now and embark on your own magical train adventure!