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Welcome to Turbo Team, the app that allows you to be in charge of the best entertainment venues all around the world! People everywhere are in need of relaxation and want to have a good time. They want to sleep, eat, skydive, gaze at the stars through a telescope. It's up to you to open your own cinema in America, restore an amusement park in China, set up a planetarium at the North Pole, and create a ski resort in the Alps. Lead Monica, Ted, and the raccoon, Louis, to fulfill the guests' desires at the highest level. Improve each location to make it cozy, interesting, and attractive. You'll receive love and recognition from all nations and cultures! You must quickly respond to customer requests, prioritize tasks, and serve everyone on time. Time is running out, wishes are running out. Victory? You've done an excellent job, let's move forward! Didn't succeed on the first try? You can try again and use boosters to make it easier. Your adventure begins at a cozy Italian hotel, where will this story lead us? Let's find out! Unlock entertainment venues! Travel the world and create places of entertainment: a cinema, an amusement park, a planetarium, a ski resort, a cozy hotel, and much more. Keep up with orders! Play to the rhythm of time management! React promptly to the guests' whims, prioritize tasks, and delight customers. Treat your guests In each entertainment venue, there must be an opportunity to eat delicious food. Prepare dishes for your guests: burgers, lemonade, pizza, sushi - whatever they desire! Get likes! Guests express their gratitude with likes. The faster you complete an order, the more recognition and love you'll receive! Improve! You can build new upgrades - a new kitchen, a lemonade dispenser, and even a paragliding station! Use boosters! Boosts not only help you progress, but they're also fun! Launch fireworks into the sky - let the guests jump and have fun!

Features of Turbo Team:

- Explore and create different entertainment venues around the world, such as a cinema, amusement park, planetarium, ski resort, and a cozy hotel.

- Play in a time-management rhythm and efficiently handle guest requests and prioritize tasks to keep customers satisfied.

- Treat guests to delicious food and drinks, serving a variety of dishes like burgers, lemonade, pizza, and sushi.

- Earn likes from guests as a form of appreciation and recognition for completing orders quickly.

- Improve and enhance each entertainment venue by adding new features like a new kitchen, lemonade machine, and even a paragliding station.

- Utilize boosters to make progress easier and more enjoyable, such as launching fireworks to create a fun and festive atmosphere.


Embark on an exciting adventure starting at a charming Italian hotel, and travel the world to fulfill people's need for entertainment and leisure. Manage a team of Monica, Ted, and the raccoon Louis to provide the highest level of service and create memorable experiences for guests. With quick thinking, effective time management, and the ability to cater to various desires, you will receive love and recognition from people of all nations. If at first you don't succeed, don't worry - try again and utilize boosters to make the journey even more enjoyable. Download Turbo Team now and let's uncover where this story leads us!