Jet Air Strike: Action Game 3D

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Get ready to soar through the skies and experience the thrill of being a fighter pilot in the ultimate jet action game, "Glory." This immersive 3D airplane flying game allows you to explore the world of air force and fulfill your dreams of flying fighter jets. With realistic air base features and a changeable camera orbit, you'll feel like you're truly part of the action. Take on the challenge of destroying targets, combat enemies through air strikes, and protect your air base. With different modes of play, unlockable missions, and the ability to customize your own aircraft, this game offers endless hours of excitement. Get ready to be the war hero in this engaging and visually stunning jet fighter game.

Features of Jet Air Strike: Action Game 3D:

* Realistic air base features: Experience the thrill of flying fighter jets with realistic air base features that enhance the gameplay.

* Changeable camera orbit: Navigate smoothly through the skies with the changeable camera orbit, providing a perfect 3D involvement.

* Fun aircraft shooting game: Enjoy a fun gameplay with realistic sounds and detailed graphics, making it an engaging experience.

* Different game modes: Play in survival mode, dogfight mode, or multiplayer mode, each offering unique missions and challenges to complete.

* Customization options: Design your own aircraft using 40 different skin designs and flag designs of 23 different countries, adding a personal touch to your gameplay.

* User-friendly interface: The familiar user interface, visually aligned with the game's theme, along with user-friendly controls makes it easy and enjoyable to play.


Touch the sky with Glory! This ultimate jet action game allows you to fulfill your dream of flying fighter jets and exploring the world of Air Force. With realistic air base features, changeable camera orbit, and fun gameplay, this app provides an exhilarating experience. Its different game modes, customization options, and user-friendly interface make it an interactive and interesting jet fighter game to play. Download now and become the war hero!



  • This game is a total lie. There is nothing like the pictures. It has glitches and worst graphics ever. Total waste of time.
    2024-06-04 23:42:21
  • Over all i like this game. Multiplayer isn't online, it should be. out You can buy colors smoke and I don't know if it works or it's me, but other than that. Not a bad game
    2024-06-04 07:56:40
  • Need to add more bonuses but other than that this is one hell of a game also put in a will that give you extra bombs as well as extra money at for bonuses free spins for the videos that you watch for the wheel thank you
    2024-06-03 23:38:31
  • This game is sick.. its a must play.. the controls.. the jets.. the game play is just amazing..full on battles landing on aircraft carriers ..real dog fights.. night vision ..many persanol customs you can ad ..
    2024-06-03 19:52:20
  • Ovearall, this is such a fantastic offline game. Some of the best jets are also available. But, i have a recommendation that, the game authority should add another 2 great jets (F16 falcon & F18 hornet) & increase the mission levels.
    2024-06-03 17:03:43
  • This game definitely has potential as a mobile jet fighter but I think that it's too dumb with it's labels and the planes rather than working around their real life skill set work as a level system getting more powerful the farther down the list you go
    2024-06-03 10:53:40