Universe Invader: Alien Attack

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With its simplistic gameplay and vast campaign, Universe Invader: Alien Attack will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter countless alien chicken variants, each with their own unique challenges. But fear not! With powerful battle power-ups at your disposal, you'll be able to wipe out waves of enemies with ease. And don't forget about the epic boss battles, where you'll face off against massive chickens and feast on their delicious roasted meat. Get ready for a wild and tasty adventure in Universe Invader!

Features of Universe Invader: Alien Attack:

- Hilarious shoot-them-up gameplay: Experience a funny and entertaining concept where you fight against dangerous chicken invaders who are out to destroy Earth.

- Endless content diversity: Engage in an enormous campaign with countless alien chicken variants, ensuring that each battle is unique and enjoyable.

- Progress through space conquest: Earn new progression as you successfully fight back the chicken invaders from outer space, adding to the excitement and sense of accomplishment.

- Powerful battle power-ups: Discover game-changing power-ups that not only increase your fighting effectiveness but also provide access to new levels of strength and attack patterns.

- Thrilling boss encounters: Face off against big chickens with unusual shapes and attacks, requiring strategic maneuvering to navigate through narrow passages and emerge victorious.

- Delicious rewards: Defeating bosses yields valuable rewards and the satisfaction of enjoying roasted chicken meals, making your victories even more fulfilling.


Universe Invader: Alien Attack offers a hilarious and entertaining shoot-them-up experience where players can engage in an endless campaign against dangerous chicken invaders. With diverse content, powerful upgrades, thrilling boss encounters, and delicious rewards, this app guarantees non-stop fun and excitement. Click now to download and join the battle to save Earth from the clutches of these mischievous chicken invaders!



  • This game is good but more interesting update PvP mode 1vs1 and survival thank you
    2024-05-13 06:56:04
  • Very poor and always crashes if not jams rubbish
    2024-05-13 04:42:48
  • Good space fighter game and have one of these games online it's very good I like it
    2024-05-13 00:20:46
  • Not a good game ( DEATH1955) THANKS
    2024-05-12 01:13:05
  • It was awesome that's I have to say about that..... It looks slot like wind wings..
    2024-05-11 23:53:49
  • Do not update. After the update it does not load
    2024-05-11 22:11:11