Zombie Apocalypse map for MCPE

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Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other with the Zombie Apocalypse map for MCPE. Gone are the peaceful days of sunshine and exploration, as bloodthirsty zombies now roam the land, stronger and fiercer than ever before. With no respite during the day, you must be constantly on alert and equipped with the strongest armor and powerful weapons to survive the onslaught of enemies. If you're feeling overwhelmed, it's time to bunker down in a fortified structure or build intricate tunnels and exits to outsmart the hordes. Your skills will be tested, but as you conquer the challenges and evolve, you'll become a true master of Minecraft PE's hardcore mode. Just remember, even villages are not safe from the relentless zombie attacks, so be prepared to move quickly to stay alive.

Features of Zombie Apocalypse map for MCPE:

* Mod and map for Minecraft PE: This app provides a mod and map that adds a new gameplay experience to Minecraft PE.

* Intense zombie survival: The mod introduces a challenging and intense zombie survival mode, where players have to face a large number of bloodthirsty and powerful zombies.

* Daytime threats: Unlike the normal Minecraft PE gameplay, the zombies in this mod are not afraid of sunlight. This means players have to be constantly alert and prepared for attacks even during the daytime.

* Need for strong armor and weapons: To survive the zombie onslaught, players will need to equip themselves with the strongest armor and powerful weapons. This adds a new level of strategic planning and resource management to the game.

* Building and fortifications: Players are encouraged to build their own bunkers and fortifications to protect themselves from the zombie hordes. Building various tunnels, canals, and corridors will also allow for safe movements and quick escapes.

* Increased difficulty and experience: Playing this mod will push players out of their comfort zones and increase their gaming skills. It offers a more challenging gameplay experience that tests their ability to survive and adapt.


Zombie Apocalypse map for MCPE takes your gameplay to a whole new level of intensity and challenge. With its immersive and thrilling experience, it offers endless hours of excitement and strategic gameplay that will enhance players' skills and keep them engaged for hours. Download now and test your survival skills against the relentless zombie horde. Choose your device and get ready to embark on an epic adventure in the world of Minecraft PE. Don't miss out on this exhilarating experience!



  • I rate this five because this is su fun
    2024-03-15 17:28:11
  • This is loading loading in wait in 2 hours in loading I give 0 stars
    2024-03-15 00:43:57
  • It crash please fix it and I will give a 12345 stars please
    2024-03-14 15:48:05
  • To long to loading
    2024-03-14 15:09:18
  • It's working properly
    2024-03-14 14:06:31
  • I know this map before but i still love it
    2024-03-13 17:14:39