Stickmans of Wars: RPG Shooter

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Stickman of Wars is the ultimate RPG shooter game that will take your mobile war gaming experience to new heights. Prepare yourself for an action-packed battle where you must claim your territory and defeat your enemies. With its unique military game style and thrilling shooting mechanics, Stickman of Wars stands out among other war online games. Engage in intense battles as a one-man army, upgrade your base and soldier, collect valuable resources, and dominate the battlefield. With simple and intuitive gameplay, a wide range of weapons and equipment, and multiple resources to gather, Stickman of Wars is the ultimate online shooter that you don't want to miss. Download now and become the most feared warrior in this epic war game!

Features of Stickman of Wars:

- Unparalleled action: Stickman of Wars takes mobile war games to the next level with its intense and thrilling battles.

- Military game stylistics: This game surprises players with its unique military game aesthetics, making it stand out among other war online games.

- Casual online shooter: Enjoy the freedom to engage in casual shooting battles as a one-man army, collecting resources and upgrading your base and soldier.

- Simple and intuitive gameplay: Jump right into the action with easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics. Collect resources, build and upgrade your base, and improve your shooting capabilities.

- Multiple resources: Chop wood, extract technical resources, and collect ammunition to build, upgrade, and enhance your weapons and equipment for a successful war RPG experience.

- Wide range of weapons and equipment: Discover a vast arsenal of pistols, AK's, UZI's, and more. Combine items to create advanced weapons and become more efficient in defeating the enemy's idle army.


Stickman of Wars is the ultimate RPG shooter game that offers unparalleled action and military game stylistics. With its simple and intuitive gameplay, players can engage in casual shooting battles, collect resources, and upgrade their base and soldier. The game provides multiple resources to gather and a wide range of weapons and equipment to enhance your shooting capabilities. Join the battle and become the most feared warrior in this thrilling war game. Click to download Stickman of Wars now and experience the next level of mobile war gaming!



  • Constant crashing. After I played this slow paced game, I eventually got my soldier built up ready to fight, then there was a glitch and training sessioned kept popping up regardless of where I was in game play. I Uninstaller and started over, now it glitches everytine I watch an ad during the explore campaign. Would like to see what happens next but its not worth the glitches and constant freezing.
    2024-02-10 17:33:38
  • Been laying for awhile now and this game is very repetitive. The ads really aren't the game. It is a grind but does have several types of things to do in the game. I would have rated this game higher except for bugs that are in it. Most recently I have a orange level gear item be randomly unequipped and is no longer in my inventory. There is no way to contact the developer in game (that I am aware of). Fix the bugs please! Thanks. 3/14/23 update - bug for shoe slot still there...fix the bugs!
    2024-02-10 10:12:30
  • The game was pretty fun to start. I leveled up pretty quickly and watched a lot of ads to make quick progress. The first bug I encountered is at a certain point, saving my game caused the app to crash. That hasn't changed. Then, a few weeks ago, an update removed a ton of health I had, reduced my attack power, and more, making parts of the map I was used to grinding in unapproachable anymore. It has taken since then trying to get back to where I was, but I still haven't. I'm done with this game.
    2024-02-10 07:29:16
  • Fun enough, mindless game. No skill required. You must watch ads every 10 seconds (literally) or you won't have enough resources to progress. You become an ad fa for the developer. The game never changes, it's the same repetitive play even if you decide to play weeks in. There's no base building, just watching ads and using a joystick to walk around, the shooting is automated....
    2024-02-09 11:50:31
  • Potential is enormous. I'm not too fussed about watching the ads because they are optional, but they do give good things for progression. Quests are not working - I have a few quest items to complete a quest, but there are no instructions or ways to use the item to complete the quest. It's very annoying. Looking online, I can see other people having the same issue. If some improvements and fixes are made, this could easily be a 5 star game.
    2024-02-09 07:09:02
  • Now that the game has expanded with so many new features and areas. For some reason, it wasn't added to my existing game. Every time i reinstall the game, it has everything, but once i restore my saved progress from the cloud, everything is gone. Now i either have to start a new game and lose all my progress(about a year) Or i play with half the games' features missing. Also, i emailed the developer with screenshots and got no reply. Very disappointing experience.
    2024-02-07 23:33:25