Kung Fu Zombie Mod

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In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of Zak, a white belt kung fu warrior. Take on the role of Zak and unleash your kung fu skills in Kung Fu Zombies! As you power punch, hurricane kick, and headbutt your way through hordes of the undead, unlock special abilities and crazy attack combos to become a true kung fu master. Harness the mystical powers of the Dragon, Snake, and Tiger to defeat the evil Dr. Z and earn your legendary black belt status. Choose from a variety of sidekicks, discover ancient scrolls and special weapons, and collect hundreds of combat gear and costumes. Engage in epic boss battles and experience classic arcade action while enjoying beautiful retro music and graphics. Download Kung Fu Zombie Mod now and prove that you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse!

Features of Kung Fu Zombie Mod:

- Unique Twist on Zombie Apocalypse: Kung Fu Zombie Mod takes the popular zombie apocalypse concept and adds an exciting twist by combining it with the art of kung fu. Players get to experience the thrill of martial arts combat while fighting off hordes of the walking dead.

- Exciting Abilities and Combos: Unlock special abilities and crazy attack combos as you progress in the game. Master the power punch, hurricane kick, and headbutt techniques to defeat the zombies and level up your skills.

- Mythical Powers: Harness the mythical powers of the Snake, Tiger, and Dragon as you strive to earn your black belt. Each power comes with its own unique advantages and adds an extra layer of strategy to the gameplay.

- Diverse Selection of Sidekicks: Choose from a wide range of unique and recognizable Sidekicks to join you in battle. Each Sidekick has their own strengths and abilities, allowing for different playstyles and tactics.

Tips for Users:

- Master Combos: Experiment with different combinations of attack moves to discover powerful combos. These combos can be key to defeating tougher enemies and bosses.

- Strategize with Sidekicks: Choose the right Sidekick to complement your fighting style. Some Sidekicks excel at long-range attacks, while others are more effective up close. Make use of their abilities to gain an advantage in battle.

- Collect Scrolls and Weapons: In your journey, keep an eye out for ancient scrolls and special weapons. These items can enhance your abilities and give you an edge against the undead. Explore every corner of the game world to find them all.


Kung Fu Zombie Mod offers a unique and exhilarating gaming experience by combining the excitement of a zombie apocalypse with the art of kung fu. Unlock special abilities and crazy attack combos, harness the mythical powers of the Dragon, and choose from a diverse selection of Sidekicks to fight alongside you. Master the game's mechanics by experimenting with different combos and strategizing with your Sidekicks. Collect scrolls, weapons, and combat gear to enhance your abilities and take on epic boss battles. With beautiful retro-inspired graphics and captivating music, Kung Fu Zombies delivers classic arcade action that will keep you hooked for hours. Download Kung Fu Zombie Mod now and become the ultimate kung fu master!