The Poop Killer 3

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Introducing "The Poop Killer 3" - a hilariously twisted game that takes you on a wild ride back to the outrageous comedy horrors of the 80s and 90s. In this addictive sequel, prepare for increasingly bizarre challenges to escape the wrath of the dreaded Poop Killer. As his name suggests, he's on a mission to hunt down and eliminate those who refuse to flush after doing their business. Join Jhon, a night-shift worker at a retro VHS tape store, as he desperately tries to outrun this relentless fecal fiend. Can you survive the gruesome pursuit and avoid becoming the next victim? Download now and let the insanity unfold!

Features of The Poop Killer 3:

> Unique concept: The App, Poop Killer 3, offers a unique and quirky gaming experience centered around the mission of eliminating people who don't flush after using the toilet.

> Comedy element: With its acid comedy reminiscent of horror/comedy movies from the 80s and 90s, the App promises a humorous and entertaining gameplay.

> Simple and short gameplay: The App is designed to be a quick and straightforward game, allowing users to seamlessly dive into the action without any complications.

> Challenging objectives: Players take on the role of Jhon, who must outsmart and survive the relentless pursuit of the poop killer. The game offers adrenaline-pumping challenges to test your wit and skills.

> Engaging storyline: The game is set in a vhs tape store where Jhon works night shifts. The unexpected encounter with the poop killer provides an intriguing narrative to keep users engaged.

> Exciting suspense: Can you survive the poop killer? The App generates suspense and curiosity, enticing users to download and embark on this thrilling adventure.


The Poop Killer 3 offers a refreshingly bizarre and comedic gaming experience. With its unique concept, engaging storyline, and challenging gameplay, this App will leave you entertained and eager to face the suspenseful pursuit of the poop killer. Experience the nostalgia of 80s and 90s horror/comedy movies by downloading the App now and put your skills to the test!