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Discover, a thrilling app where you can unleash your competitive spirit and embark on an epic journey to become the mightiest black hole in the universe. Begin as a humble black hole, but don't be fooled by your size. Devour luminous stars, tiny planets, and anything that crosses your path, growing into an unstoppable force. The choice is yours: devour enemy black holes to skyrocket your growth or navigate the cosmos, feasting on stars and spaceships, avoiding opponents, and ascending to become the ultimate cosmic abyss. With countless customizable skins, various game modes, and unique gameplay, will keep you hooked on its addictive and exhilarating galactic adventure. Unleash your inner black hole and download now to start your thrilling cosmic conquest in the realm of swallowing games and io games!

Features of

⭐ Competition Against Other Players: allows you to compete against other players in a thrilling battle to become the largest black hole in the galaxy. Test your skills and strategy to see if you can outgrow and outshine your opponents.

⭐ Endless Growth: Start your journey as a teeny tiny black hole and continue consuming stars, planets, and anything that crosses your path. As you devour more and more, you'll grow into a massive black hole capable of swallowing whole galaxies. Experience the satisfaction of becoming the biggest and most powerful entity in the universe.

⭐ Unique Gameplay: Unlike other .io games, offers a truly unique gameplay experience. Slither around, avoiding enemy black holes and devouring stars and spaceships to propel your growth. Adapt your strategy as you encounter different obstacles and opponents to stay ahead in the cosmic race.

⭐ Tons of Customizable Skins: Express your individuality and style by selecting from a wide range of customizable skins for your black hole. Personalize your gaming experience and stand out from the competition with your unique appearance.


⭐ How do I grow my black hole in

To grow your black hole, you need to consume stars, planets, and other objects that come into your path. The more you eat, the larger your black hole will become. You can also devour enemy black holes for a rapid growth boost.

⭐ Can I play with my friends?

Yes, offers multiplayer functionality, allowing you to team up or compete against your friends. Coordinate your strategies or challenge each other to see who can become the supreme black hole.

⭐ Are there different game modes in

Yes, provides multiple game modes to enjoy. Whether you prefer a solo experience where you can focus on growing your black hole or engaging in intense multiplayer battles, there is a game mode suited to your preferences.


Download now and embark on an exhilarating star-eating adventure in the vastness of the galaxy. Compete against other players, devour everything in your path, and watch your black hole grow into an unstoppable force. With its unique gameplay, customizable skins, and addictive nature, this space game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. Take on the challenge and become the biggest and most feared black hole in the universe. Join the cosmic battle today and unleash the power of your black hole!