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ePSXe for Android Mod is a powerful Playstation emulator that brings all the nostalgia of classic PSX and PSOne games to your smartphone or tablet. This app, a port of the acclaimed ePSXe for PC, offers incredibly high compatibility with over 99% of games, ensuring that you can play all your favorite titles without a hitch. With this game, you'll experience smooth gameplay, accurate sound reproduction, and even HD enhanced graphics. Whether you're playing alone or with friends, this emulator supports up to four players, including a thrilling split-screen mode for two players. With its virtual touchscreen pad support and compatibility with hardware buttons and gamepads, ePSXe is truly versatile. Discover the joy of reliving classic PlayStation gaming on your Android device with ePSXe for Android Mod.

Features of ePSXe for Android Mod:

❤ High Compatibility:ePSXe for Android Mod for Android boasts over 99% compatibility with PSX and PSOne games, ensuring that you can play your favorite titles without any issue. Whether you're a fan of classic RPGs or action-packed adventures, this emulator has got you covered.

❤ Smooth Performance: With its optimized code and advanced features, this game provides a smooth and lag-free gaming experience on smartphones and tablets. Say goodbye to frame drops or audio glitches - this emulator ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the gameplay.

❤ Multiple Player Options: Want to play with a friend? The game for Android offers a 2-player option with split-screen mode, allowing you to enjoy multiplayer gaming on a single device. Whether you're competing or cooperating, this feature adds an extra element of fun to your gaming sessions.

❤ Versatile Controls: ePSXe for Android Mod supports various control options to cater to your preferences. From virtual touchscreen pads to hardware button mapping, you can choose the control method that suits you best. It even supports external gamepads, such as WiiMote, Xbox 360, and more, for a truly immersive gaming experience.


❤ Is the game for Android free to download?

Unfortunately, the game for Android is not available for free. However, the app's features and performance justify its cost.

❤ Can I use cheat codes with this game?

Yes, this game for Android allows you to use cheat codes, just like the PC version. Enhance your gameplay experience by unlocking special abilities and items.

❤ Can I transfer my save states from the PC version to the game for Android?

Yes, the game supports savestates and memcards compatibility with the PC version. Easily transfer your progress and continue your gaming journey on the go.


ePSXe for Android Mod is the ultimate Playstation emulator for mobile devices, offering unmatched compatibility, smooth performance, and versatile controls. Whether you're a nostalgic gamer or a new enthusiast, this app provides a gateway to relive your favorite PSX and PSOne games. From the convenience of playing on your smartphone or tablet to the option of multiplayer gaming, this game ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience. Download ePSXe for Android Mod today and embark on a journey through the golden age of gaming.



  • Pretty great! Little buggy on start, the default video settings on my phone don't load up properly but going into the menu and refreshing everything does the trick and I'm not so lazy I can't move my thumbs so I won't dock a star that, however I will for not being able change the button positioning. It bums me out that start and select take up the bottom of the screen, select could easily fit above the d pad and start above the main buttons.
    2024-07-16 06:55:39
  • No issues, just flawless. Could be a bit more user friendly for more inexperienced users though, as I can see how they could easily make mistakes. Maybe an optional indepth tutorial.
    2024-07-15 15:57:56
  • this emulator used to work so well on my Galaxy S7, but it hardly works on my brand new Galaxy S10+. games freeze. ps4 controller reads as a mouse, not a controller. i still have my s7 and the same games work fine on it. devs definitely need to troubleshoot compatibility problems with the new Galaxy s10. other than that, this was the best Playstation emulator. will change rating to 5 stars when problems are fixed
    2024-07-14 10:27:02
  • 9 out of 10 times crashing when trying to click on "Run Game". And when it finish scanning, next time you try to run a game it crashes. Doing Browse File help sometimes but not everytime. NAS folders mounted as Read Only. I have Shield TV, NAS storage is mounted as internal, scanning for folders takes ages (I have hundreds of folders), I don't have any other issues with other emulaters FPSe, PPSSPP, ReDream, Dolphin.. All of them are fast when scanning or adding a folder (to scan subfolders).
    2024-07-14 04:18:23
  • Pretty darn awesome. it works at 60 fps for me. It can save file and can customize everything possible.More then the pc edition. Skip playing ps one emulators on pc this is way more user friendly, stable, and management is way easier. Bluetooth controller support including Wii mote and nunck support. No need to find bios because included and frameworked. Exactly how you wanted to play PSone classics. You be stupid trying to find anything else. works on old prepaid phones as well.
    2024-07-13 23:35:59
  • This is hands down the best PSX emulator. I have the Galaxie S10e and everything runs smooth 60fps with Maxed out graphics settings. I couldn't recommend it enough. One problem I had was my quick save disappeared once I stopped using the emulated bios but I only got to the first mini boss in legend of dragoon so it won't change my score. Amazing work on this app. I am disappointed it isn't free like most emulators on pc though.
    2024-07-13 19:41:26