Dragons Empire TD Mod

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Welcome to Dragons Empire TD Mod! In this thrilling game, you'll become part of an epic battle to protect a majestic jewel from falling into the wrong hands. Dragon Queen Liza holds the key to this precious stone, which possesses unimaginable power. However, evil wizard Shimaroo is determined to get his hands on it and use its power to conquer all four worlds. Queen Liza, being wise and aware of Shimaroo's sinister plans, has hidden the jewel deep within a dense forest, guarded by magical dragons. But now, not only must she face Shimaroo's minions, but also a Viking invasion! Your mission is to help Queen Liza by commanding and upgrading your dragons, strategically placing them at key points to repel the enemy forces. Utilize power-ups to defend the treasure and ensure that the jewel remains safe. This unique defense game combines elements of strategy, real-time control, and the sheer thrill of commanding dragons. Can you protect the jewel and make your queen proud? It's time to embrace your destiny and join Dragons Empire TD Modnow!

Features of Dragons Empire TD Mod:

- Majestic Jewel: Discover a hidden jewel from the outer world, sought after by an evil wizard to acquire ultimate power.

- Dragon Guardians: Protect the precious jewel using magical dragon guards in a dense forest.

- Viking Attacks: Face off against relentless Viking invaders who will stop at nothing to snatch the jewel.

- Real-time Strategy: Take control of your dragons and strategically deploy them to key points to defend the treasure.

- Power-ups: Unleash powerful abilities to stop the enemy in their tracks and ensure the jewel stays safe.

- Upgrades: Enhance your dragons' strength and abilities to create an unbeatable defensive force.


Embark on an epic journey in Dragons Empire TD Mod! Defend the majestic jewel from wicked forces and Viking invaders using your strategic prowess and formidable dragons. Experience the thrill of real-time strategy combined with the excitement of controlling powerful creatures. Upgrade your dragons and utilize power-ups to ensure the safety of the precious jewel and make your queen proud. Don't miss out on this ultimate dragon game - download now and join the battle!



  • Bakar game loser game
    2024-07-14 13:29:21
  • Picture
    2024-07-14 08:32:58
  • Like this game
    2024-07-13 09:02:58
  • Deps
    2024-07-13 02:33:27
  • I just like it because I keep on wining.
    2024-07-12 21:12:08
  • Gsme. Very cute and could play forever
    2024-07-12 13:28:09