Shoot Strike War Fire Mod

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In a world overtaken by despair, you emerge as the savior. As a skilled sniper in this virtual realm, you hold the power of life and death. Loaded with bullets, you can put an end to the evil that plagues the city and protect its uninfected inhabitants. Shoot Strike War Fire Mod is a 3D FPS shooter game that offers a real fighting experience. With a perfect interface and intuitive controls, you can effortlessly navigate through different map scenarios and annihilate enemies using a wide range of weapons. This game is packed with adrenaline, offering an array of fighting postures and rich gameplay options. Compete in collection rankings and earn valuable rewards. Step into this thrilling world of madness and let the bullets fly!

Features of Shoot Strike War Fire Mod:

⭐ Realistic and Intense Gameplay: Shoot Strike War Fire Mod offers a 3D first-person shooter experience that immerses players in a virtual world filled with chaos and zombies. The game provides a real fighting game screen, allowing players to feel the adrenaline rush as they embark on their mission to protect the uninfected citizens of the city.

⭐ Variety of Weapons and Fighting Postures: With a wide range of firearms including AK-47,M4, AWP, MP5 Barrett, and M16   players can choose their preferred weapon and experience the thrill of madness for the gun. Additionally, the game offers various fighting postures such as standing shooting, squat shooting, and jumping posture, adding diversity and strategic options to the gameplay.

⭐ Rich Gameplay and Scenarios: Shoot Strike War Fire Mod features a variety of map scenarios, ranging from snow-covered snow scenes to dust-filled areas and outdoor green space scenes. This diversity in environments adds depth to the gameplay and keeps players engaged and excited.

⭐ Collection Ranking System and Free Gold: The game includes a collection ranking system, allowing players to compete for gold collections, kill numbers, and game scores. This adds a competitive element to the gameplay and encourages players to strive for higher rankings. Additionally, the game offers opportunities to earn free gold, providing incentives for players to continue playing and progressing.

Tips for Users:

⭐ Master the Controls: Familiarize yourself with the intuitive and simple touch controls of the game. Practice aiming and shooting to improve your accuracy and increase your chances of survival.

⭐ Adapt to Changing Difficulty: As you progress in the game, the difficulty level increases. Be prepared to adjust your strategies and make use of different weapons and fighting postures to overcome the challenges.

⭐ Explore Different Scenarios: Take advantage of the variety of map scenarios offered in the game. Each scenario presents unique challenges and opportunities for tactical maneuvering. Experiment with different approaches and find the tactics that work best for each situation.


Shoot Strike War Fire Mod is an exciting and action-packed 3D FPS shooter game that offers a realistic and intense gaming experience. With a wide range of weapons, fighting postures, and map scenarios, the game provides endless entertainment and challenges for players. The collection ranking system and opportunities to earn free gold add a competitive element, further enhancing the gameplay. Whether you are a fan of first-person shooters or looking for a thrilling gaming experience, Shoot Strike War Fire Mod is a must-download game that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours.