Hammer Jump Mod

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Dig your way through the hidden world and discover treasures, gems, and secrets with the incredible Hammer Jump Mod app! Unlock new tools and skins as you complete collections and receive exciting rewards. Upgrade your tools to conquer tougher stones and enhance their power. With its stunning arcade-style graphics and immersive sounds, this app offers fun and simple 1-touch gameplay. Challenge yourself to reach unimaginable depths and uncover valuable gold, diamonds, and rare items. Start drilling and mining now to embark on an extraordinary adventure! Lightneer and the Hammer Jump team are dedicated to improving the game, so share your feedback and suggestions with us. Join us today and experience gaming like never before with Lightneer!

Features of Hammer Jump Mod:

> Digging for treasures, gems, and secrets: Explore the depths of the World below to uncover valuable treasures, stunning gems, and hidden secrets.

> Complete treasure collections: Collect various treasures to earn rewards and unlock new cool tools and skins that will enhance your gameplay experience.

> Upgrade and boost tools: Enhance your mining abilities by upgrading and boosting your tools, making them more powerful and enabling you to mine through harder stone.

> Fun and simple 1-touch gameplay: Enjoy a delightful and easy-to-play gaming experience with one-touch controls, allowing you to simply tap to jump and navigate through the game.

> Beautiful arcade-style graphics and sounds: Immerse yourself in visually striking graphics and captivating arcade-style sounds that bring the game to life and make it even more enjoyable.

> Challenge your limits: Test your skills and see how deep you can go in your search for gold, diamonds, and rare items. Can you uncover all the hidden treasures and become the ultimate miner?


Hammer Jump Mod is a thrilling and addictive app that allows you to embark on a thrilling mining adventure. Unleash your inner treasure hunter as you dig your way through the World below, collecting precious gems and unlocking exciting new tools and skins. With its simple yet enjoyable gameplay, stunning graphics, and the challenge to push your limits, this app is a must-download for anyone seeking an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Start your drilling and mining journey today!



  • There's potential in this. Adding some sounds. BUT ADD SETTINGS. I'd play it if I could turn off the vibrations. It gets annoying quickly.
    2024-07-16 04:08:46
  • When I tried to download it... it did not even go to the processing part and I tried 5 times and on the last try i waited over 3 hours. A waste a time!
    2024-07-16 03:47:54
  • Alright, where do i start? The game does not save, it has adds everytime you finish a level or find the hidden object, and the game taks for ever to laod. Dont waste your time on this game.
    2024-07-16 00:39:14
  • It's an interesting idea for a game, but there's no real depth or strategy to it. It gets boring really fast. And you're constantly being pestered to the watch adds. Like more than once a minute.
    2024-07-12 09:27:52
  • Boring, repetitive, and the boost message purposely gets in the way so you accidentally hit it. I'd rate it even lower if I could.
    2024-07-12 02:46:24
  • My experience for this game was terrible tbh the ads are terribly designed I'm fine with ads as I know they are a way income but there was way to many and it pops up with double coins with watching ad and if u say no thanks u get a ad anyway it's a stupid design and made me delte the game within 10 mins
    2024-07-12 00:28:18