Slendrina: The Cellar Mod

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Slendrina: The Cellar Mod is an incredibly spooky and bone-chilling horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Slendrina, the main character, has transformed into an even more wicked being and will do everything in her power to prevent you from exploring her territory. Your mission is simple but terrifying - find 8 old books hidden in the creepy cellar and make a swift escape. But beware, you'll also need to search for keys to unlock certain doors along the way. This game is perfect for all the Slender Man enthusiasts out there, so get ready to embark on a heart-pounding adventure. Just remember, don't look back!

Features of Slendrina: The Cellar Mod:

> Intense horror gameplay: Experience the terrifying atmosphere of Slendrina: The Cellar Mod as you navigate through dark corridors and avoid the wrath of an evil entity.

> Exciting storyline: Uncover the secrets of Slendrina as you search for 8 missing old books in a mysterious cellar. Can you escape her wrath?

> Challenging puzzles: Find keys to unlock doors and discover hidden areas in your quest to escape. Keep your eyes open, as the books and keys could be anywhere!

> Fan of Slender Man? If you enjoy the spine-chilling adventures of Slender Man, you're sure to love this horror game that takes it to the next level.

> Interactive experience: Feel the tension build as you progress through the game, knowing that Slendrina is always lurking just around the corner. Don't look back!

> Free to play with in-app purchases: Enjoy the game for free, and for those who want to unlock all levels, earn STC-points in the game to access more terrifying challenges.


Immerse yourself in the sinister world of Slendrina: The Cellar Mod, where you must navigate through a dark and eerie cellar, solve puzzles, and escape the clutches of an evil entity. This free horror game offers intense gameplay, a gripping storyline, and challenging puzzles. Whether you're a fan of Slender Man or simply enjoy heart-pounding adventures, this game is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Download now and brace yourself for a truly terrifying experience.



  • Good gaming experience, only bad thing when I was younger used to love this, and I never got jumpscared, but once, I did and I screamed so loud and I through my old phone across the room. But overall, I love it
    2024-07-14 07:07:13
  • this is the second slendrina game, and it was quite a step you took from the lower quality "Slendrina"! Filled with good jump scares and creepy setting, looking forward to getting all of these games!
    2024-07-13 09:11:22
  • The game's good and all but one question, why does slendrinas mouth keep getting smaller with each design update? Is it just a design choice or did it just look too weird for you? No offense just asking
    2024-07-13 05:47:21
  • It is a terrifying game with jumpscares, but it is fun to play. Did not glitch or show a bugs. I love this game and will keep playing with it.
    2024-07-13 00:38:28
  • I'm rating a 3 star only because the older versions were scarier, could you bring back the old slendrina model(s) and make slendrina tall and scarier again, because the slendrina today is not even scary anymore, I miss the old versions
    2024-07-12 16:08:53
  • This is the worst game in the world as there is so much glitch in the hard level so develop it properly.... Example... When we see slendrina we have to look back and when I also look back slendrina comes in front of me and the game is over........ Thank you...
    2024-07-11 07:50:36