Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squadr Mod

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Welcome to Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squadr Mod Space Cadet! Get ready to embark on an epic space adventure as you become a fearless fighter pilot and battle against enemy invaders in the skies. With the War Plane or Aircraft of your choice, engage in thrilling combat and face off against powerful bosses like Apache, Air Assault, and spaceships. This simulation shooter game takes you back to the iconic World War II era, where you'll maneuver your Raiden craft through intense vertical scrolling missions, destroying enemy robots, buildings, ground targets, and aircraft. Upgrade your aircraft with powerful weapons and special abilities, collect medals to boost your score, and dominate the galactic war. Can you emerge victorious and become the ultimate space cadet?

Features of Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squadr Mod:

- Classic Space Shooter Experience: Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squadr Mod offers a simulation space shooter game that takes players back to the historical world wars that occurred in the sky, space, and galaxy. It provides the nostalgic experience of playing a classic war plane or aircraft to combat enemy invaders.

- Challenging Missions and Boss Battles: With eight vertical scrolling missions, players will navigate their Raiden craft to dodge and destroy enemy robots, buildings, ground targets, and aircraft. Each level also includes a thrilling boss battle that will test players' skills and strategy.

- Power-ups and Medals: The game includes various power-ups such as bombs and missile upgrades that can be collected during gameplay. Additionally, players can strive to collect medals, which not only add to their score but also enhance their performance.

- Multiple Planes and Squadrons: Players have access to seven different planes or squadrons, each with unique abilities and strengths. From Thunder Bolt with its powerful barrage and armor to Wraith with its special sci-fi abilities, there is a wide variety of choices to suit different play styles.


- How do I control the fighter in Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squad Mod?

To control the fighters, simply use your finger to click on the screen. This will allow you to move the fighter and avoid enemy barrages and aircraft.

- How do I use bombs in the game?

To release a bomb, click the bomb button. This will unleash a destructive force that can eliminate all enemies on the screen, except for the boss.

- How do I defeat Zabing and the level bosses?

To defeat Zabing and each level boss, you must engage in strategic combat and destroy their forces. This may require utilizing the unique abilities and firepower of your chosen plane or squadron.

- How can I enhance my fighter's capabilities?

Throughout the fighting process, you can collect various power-up items that will enhance your fighter's capacity. These items can improve your body's strength and contribute to a higher combat evaluation score.


Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squad Mod offers an exciting and immersive space shooter experience that combines classic gameplay with modern features. Players will find themselves engrossed in challenging missions, epic boss battles, and the opportunity to upgrade their aircraft and squadrons. With its variety of planes, power-ups, and medals, the game provides endless hours of thrilling gameplay. Immerse yourself in the world of World War II 1945 squadron galactic war and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the sky and space. Download Galaxy Raiden Fighter - Squad Mod now and show your skills in the ultimate space combat!