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Welcome to Cartoon Battle Mod! Prepare for action-packed battles with unique characters boasting incredible super-abilities. Upgrade heroes, unlock new characters, and discover a variety of powerful super powers like crazy stones and fiery magic blows. Level up your favorite heroes to increase Power of Impact, HP, Mana, and Strikes for unstoppable battles. Explore stunning locations such as the magical forest, Dragon's Gorge, and the picturesque pier, each offering unique challenges and surprises. Enjoy realistic cartoon graphics that bring characters and the world to life. Compete in thrilling arenas and embark on magical quests with daily bonuses and rewards. Join Cartoon Battle Mod now and unleash your inner hero!

Features of Cartoon Battle Mod:

> Unique Characters and Super-Abilities: Cartoon Battle Mod offers a wide variety of unique characters, each with their own special super-abilities. Discover the abilities of each character and strategize to maximize their potential in battles.

> Exciting Cases, Bosses, and Locations: Embark on thrilling quests as you encounter challenging bosses and explore fantastic locations such as the magic forest, dragon's gorge, awful sewage system, and picturesque pier. Each location brings a new and exciting experience.

> Customization and Hero Creation: Take part in the creation of your own hero by opening cards for new heroes and gathering the necessary resources to upgrade and customize them. With countless combination possibilities, create a hero that suits your playstyle.

> Dynamic Chest Opening Experience: Enjoy the excitement of opening chests with the game's cool and dynamic animation. By opening chests, you'll discover valuable rewards that will aid you in your battles.

Tips for Users:

> Experiment with Different Characters: With a large number of characters available, try out different characters and explore their unique abilities. Find the ones that best suit your playstyle and use them to your advantage.

> Strategize for Battles: Before entering a battle, take some time to strategize and plan your moves. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and use your character's abilities strategically to gain the upper hand.

> Complete Daily Quests and Activities: Take advantage of daily rewards and activity bonuses by completing quests and participating in various game activities. This will not only provide you with additional resources but also contribute to the growth of your heroes.


Cartoon Battle Mod is a highly engaging and addictive game that offers a multitude of attractive features. With its unique characters, exciting locations, and customization options, players can expect a dynamic and immersive experience. The game's realistic cartoon graphics further enhance the visual appeal. By following the playing tips and taking advantage of the various systems in the game, players can enhance their heroes, engage in thrilling battles, and fully enjoy the adventure that Cartoon Battle has to offer. Download the game now and dive into the world of Cartoon Battle!



  • Игра норм мне зашло но не идеальна она.
    2024-07-14 05:22:22
  • No Simpsons no family guy no American dad no south park no archer no Rick and Morty mr pickles mama named me sherif solar opposites characters available should be assumed to call this a battle at all
    2024-07-12 22:46:47
  • Bad graphics.
    2024-07-12 18:04:53
  • Kруто но 1 минус в том что я не могу победить Шрека
    2024-07-12 17:18:04
  • Pretty good, but i think the music needs a bomb or smth
    2024-07-12 08:03:57
  • Dis game is so cool
    2024-07-12 03:16:49