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Experience the nostalgia of your favorite Game Boy Advance (GBA) games with the extraordinary John GBA Mod emulator for Android 6.0+. This app allows you to relive the magic of classic games, but remember, it requires your own game files to work. Don't forget to test out John GBA Lite before making your purchase to ensure compatibility. With seamless data transfer from John GBA Lite, you won't lose your progress. Enjoy the original GBA engine, cheats, high-quality rendering, and the convenience of searching for game files in both your SDCard and Internal Storage. Say goodbye to ads and internet connection requirements, while embracing features like customizable keys, turbo buttons, and fast-forward and slow-down options. Take your gaming to the next level with features such as Bluetooth/MOGA controller support and Dropbox integration for data sync. With the hardware requirements of only a 1.0GHz Dual-core CPU and 1GB of RAM, you can game anytime, anywhere!

Features of John GBA Mod:

Original GBA Engine: John GBA utilizes the original Game Boy Advance engine, providing an authentic gaming experience.

Cheats: Users can enable cheats in their games using various cheat codes such as Raw, GameShark, and CodeBreaker.

High-Quality Rendering: The app offers high-quality rendering, ensuring crisp graphics and smooth gameplay.

Search Game Files: Users can easily search for their game files within their SD card or internal storage, making it convenient to locate and play their favorite games.

Virtual On-Screen Keypad: The app features a virtual on-screen keypad, allowing users to control their gameplay with ease.

Zipped File Support: John GBA supports zipped files, enabling users to save storage space and easily organize their game files.

Tips for Users:

Use Cheats for an Enhanced Experience: Take advantage of the cheat feature to unlock hidden items, gain unlimited lives, or level up your character.

Customize Your Controls: Adjust the on-screen keypad and customizable keys to fit your preferences and optimize gameplay.

Save States: Utilize the save state feature to save your progress at any point in the game, so you can easily pick up where you left off.

Use Turbo Buttons: Speed up your gameplay or slow it down to your desired pace using the turbo buttons.

Take Screenshots: Capture memorable moments in your games by taking screenshots and sharing them with friends.


John GBA Mod is the go-to GBA emulator for Android users who want to relive the classic Game Boy Advance games. With its original GBA engine, cheats support, high-quality rendering, and convenient features such as game file search and zipped file support, it offers a seamless gaming experience. Users can also customize their controls, utilize save states, and take screenshots to enhance their gameplay. Whether you're a nostalgic gamer or new to the world of GBA games, John GBA Mod provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features to make your gaming experience enjoyable. Download John GBA Mod now and start playing your favorite GBA games on your Android device!



  • Emulation is great aside from this cracling noise I cant seem to get rid of. I have tried to change the setting to get rid of it but nothing seems to be working.
    2024-07-12 22:07:05
  • fun simple emulator on older updates this was a 5/5 but with the newer update its hard to get roms working i have them in a folder thats made for the program both .gba, .GBA and zip filders dont work any more
    2024-07-12 21:06:48
  • It's definitely fun but I have absolutely no sound. Other than that it's great though I had trouble with the games as well but figured it out
    2024-07-12 20:09:57
  • Whatever your latest update did it just made all my roms unusable so guess I'm going to have to uninstall this and leave a bad review this is the second update that has caused me issues first one I was willing to work with but that wasn't that long ago, having to continue to find a way to make this work isn't what I paid for.
    2024-07-12 12:20:32
  • * update * changing to 2 stars due to poor communication through email. I can't seem to get a reply or answer as to why I can't play my games since android 10 update. Everything was fine before update. If developer answers me and helps then I will change rating.
    2024-07-12 08:24:22
  • It was greatest emulator but now it can't find any zip file and app constantly asking for permissions.
    2024-07-12 04:13:29