Prison Escape

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Experience the thrill of a prison escape in the engaging and challenging Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure. This captivating game immerses you in the intense world of prison life, as you navigate through tricky puzzles and dangerous situations to secure your freedom. From solving puzzles to evading law enforcement, this game pushes your IQ to the limit. Explore new locations, uncover hidden clues, and use your problem-solving skills to unlock doors, crack codes, and find the key to escape. But beware, the clock is ticking, and the police are hot on your trail. Can you outsmart them and find your way to freedom? Find out now in Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure.

Features of Prison Escape:

> Unique prison escape theme: The app offers a thrilling prison escape experience filled with tricky puzzles and challenges.

> Realistic prison life experience: Unlike other games, this app allows players to immerse themselves in prison life and encounter dangerous situations while plotting their escape.

> IQ-challenging puzzles: Players can test their intelligence and problem-solving skills by solving a variety of challenging puzzles in order to escape from the prison.

> Exciting chase sequences: Along with puzzle-solving, players can experience intense riding and chasing sequences with the cops as they try to flee from the prison.

> Explore new locations: The app provides the opportunity to explore new locations within the abandoned prison, uncover hidden clues, and find useful items to aid in the escape.

> Improve puzzle-solving skills: The game not only offers thrilling adventures but also helps to improve players' puzzle-solving skills through unique challenges.


Join the thrilling world of Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure and test your intelligence by solving tricky puzzles and overcoming dangerous situations. Immerse yourself in the realistic prison life experience and strategize your escape by exploring new locations, finding hidden clues, and using your skills to outsmart the cops. Sharpen your brain and become a pro player in this IQ-challenging game. Don't wait, download now and embark on your escape journey!



  • It's quite good game... Some are easy n some are quite hard to find out the objects. But... After completing all the levels there is no option to move forward to coming soon levels... It would be helpful if there is an update for the game to move forward to play coming soon levels ...So that I am going to uninstall it... Otherwise it's a good game to play
    2024-06-15 12:44:30
  • It started out well although there's no way to gain enough coins to skip puzzles unless you pay and it's not good enough for me to pay. Then when you get to the second level in the facility there are no hints at all unless you pay. Plus the game with the valves is impossible for me to complete with my dexterity so uninstalling.
    2024-06-15 04:26:12
  • The game is decent but buggy. I had to replay the wharf 3 times to clear it because I did things out of order or puzzle pieces glitched and were immobile. This happened in multiple levels but especially in The Wharf. If you close the app, you lose all progress in the level you are on.
    2024-06-13 21:17:11
  • Refreshingly fun game with puzzles just complicated enough to be interesting. About three levels in I hit what I perceived to be a problem with a puzzle, which I reported using the form provided. A skip option was offered. It required using coins, which have to be purchased with real money. So, into the round file went this game.
    2024-06-13 15:24:10
  • Well l have to say the bes game ever. The puzzles get difficult as you go on which is a good thing, makes you think more. The only problem is that it takes too long to get new updates and more puzzles
    2024-06-12 18:50:01
  • need some getting used to but understanding the logic behind each puzzle is exciting
    2024-06-12 15:33:17