Cooking Train

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Enter the exciting world of the Cooking Train game and unleash your passion for cooking and love for delicious food! Compete with talented chefs from around the world as you explore diverse international cuisines. Follow recipes and gather the right ingredients to create flawless dishes that will leave your customers satisfied and coming back for more. Every meal is a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds, from apple pie to sushi. Expand your empire and promote your brand to new destinations, hiring more staff to ensure fast and efficient delivery. Join the Cooking Train and become a culinary master!

Features of Cooking Train:

- Passion for cooking: The Cooking Train game sparks a passion for cooking in players and allows them to explore their culinary skills.

- Diverse recipes: The app offers a wide range of recipes from various cuisines, allowing players to experience different flavors and dishes.

- Compete with talented chefs: Players have the opportunity to compete with other skilled chefs and showcase their cooking abilities.

- Follow recipes: To create fault-free dishes, players must get the right ingredients and follow the recipes provided in the app.

- Deliver dishes promptly: Players need to deliver the dishes to customers as quickly as possible to avoid receiving complaints and ensure customer satisfaction.

- Expand culinary empire: The app allows players to expand their culinary empire by opening new restaurants in different locations and attracting a larger customer base.


The Cooking Train game is a must-have app for food enthusiasts and those who love cooking. With its diverse range of recipes from international cuisines, players can explore new flavors and hone their cooking skills. By competing with other talented chefs and following recipes accurately, players can create fault-free dishes and deliver them promptly to satisfy customers. The app also allows for the expansion of a culinary empire, offering an exciting opportunity to promote your brand and attract more customers. Download the Cooking Train app now and embark on a culinary journey like no other!