Street Fight

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Take on the role of a brave street defender in this action-packed fighting game - Street Fight. Evil forces have taken over the streets, and it's up to you to clean them up and rid them of all the bad guys. Utilize powerful punches, kicks, and deadly weapons to defeat your opponents and become the ultimate warrior. Fight your enemies with incredible action and take on the Ultimate Boss to regain control of the streets. Explore hidden areas to discover treasure and use coins to enhance your warrior's fighting abilities. Master new stunts and techniques, but be careful not to jump into the water! With two exciting modes, stunning 2D graphics, multiple fighting styles, and amazing sound effects, this game is perfect for those who enjoy street fighting games. Protect the streets and ensure the safety of everyone in the city as the game's hero.

Features of Street Fight:

❤️ Two Modes - Story and Survival: The app offers two exciting modes for players to choose from. Dive into an immersive story mode or challenge yourself in the survival mode.

❤️ Incredible 2D Graphics: Experience stunning visuals that bring the streets to life. The app offers high-quality 2D graphics that will leave you in awe.

❤️ Multiple Fighting Styles: Master a wide range of fighting styles, from powerful fist punches to deadly kicks. Customize your gameplay by using different techniques to defeat your enemies.

❤️ Powerful Enemies to Fight With: Face off against a variety of challenging enemies, each with their own unique abilities and fighting techniques. Test your skills and strategy to overcome these powerful foes.

❤️ Collect Exciting Weapons: Discover hidden areas and find valuable treasures. Use the coins you collect to enhance your warrior's fighting abilities and unlock exciting weapons to unleash maximum damage.

❤️ Different Environments for Different Fighting Styles: Explore diverse environments that cater to various fighting styles. Adapt and strategize your gameplay to conquer each environment.


In this action-packed fighting game, you will embark on a mission to clean up the streets from evil forces. With incredible graphics, multiple fighting styles, and powerful enemies to overcome, this app offers an immersive experience like no other. Collect exciting weapons, enhance your warrior's abilities, and explore different environments to become the ultimate street defender. With easy-to-learn controls and amazing sound effects, this game is perfect for all street fighting enthusiasts. Download now and prove your skills in this thrilling battle against the bad guys!



  • It's very cool, fun and addictive at the same time. I keep playing it over and over again. I just one request, make more levels, im already at the end of the level and i need moreee
    2024-06-11 19:49:55
  • The very nice game I like it beautiful game waooooo.
    2024-06-11 14:16:25
  • Personally I would say that this is very good game if you want them or old classic like game that's older than this one you definitely go play Dan the Man it's the original game that work basically the same way but it's just more pixelated and it's not as fast pace cuz there's an energy system but definitely try the game out
    2024-06-10 12:16:19
  • This is one of the best action platformer games I've played in a while!The controls are simple and boss fights are fun with loads of challenges.I highly recommend playing this game.
    2024-06-09 21:17:03
  • This game is trash like this is just a rip-off off dan the man and DON'T DOWNLOAD this game just play dan the man shame on the developer and it has alot of ads i prefor the retro style of the game and usess the animation but on a completely different style and shame on the developer games aren't even original
    2024-06-09 17:22:22
  • Nice game but 2★ bcoz player has no any permanent weapons like rocket/machine guns & he gets very less coin in game for updation to face very sophisticated enemy who attack from all side in one time.
    2024-06-09 15:40:06