Grow Archermaster : Clicker

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Introducing "Grow Archermaster : Clicker," the ultimate fantasy RPG game developed by Pixelstar Games. Immerse yourself in this pixelated world and embark on an exciting adventure filled with action and strategy. Conquer challenging dungeons using an array of unique bows and craft powerful equipment to become the ultimate archermaster. Unleash fantastic skills and customize your character with skins that provide special abilities. With its innovative AFK and Idle Clicker system, this game can be played offline without the need for Wi-Fi or an internet connection. Get ready to experience the thrill of this 2D retro idle RPG game.

Features of Grow Archermaster : Clicker:

- Fantastic Action: Experience thrilling action-packed gameplay as you conquer dungeons and become the ultimate archermaster.

- Wide Variety of Bows: Choose from a diverse range of bows, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics.

- Diverse Arrows: Unlock and use different types of arrows to enhance your combat effectiveness and gain an edge in battles.

- Exciting Skills: Unlock and master various skills to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.

- Skin Systems: Customize your character with different skins that not only enhance your appearance but also provide special abilities.

- Crafting System: Utilize the crafting system to create powerful weapons and equipment to aid you in your adventure.


Embark on an epic journey in this addictive pixelated RPG game, "Grow Archermaster : Clicker". With its fantastic action, wide variety of bows and arrows, diverse skills, unique skin systems, and engaging crafting system, it offers an immersive gaming experience. Whether you prefer an idle and AFK approach or enjoy the thrill of an idle clicker game, this offline game is perfect for you. Don't miss out on this exciting 2D retro RPG game by Pixelstar Games. Click the download button now and start your archery adventure!



  • Simple game. Simple visuals. Very fun.
    2024-06-11 23:45:16
  • These guys make great content and when you achieve something it feels awesome!
    2024-06-10 08:20:42
  • why me can't loggin google play??
    2024-06-09 21:16:44
  • I give up everything is too expensive There is no offline reward cmiiw The problem in this game is not diamond or ruby or late game currencies ITS GOLD how am i supposed to earn that much gold
    2024-06-09 01:52:38
  • The app is always crashing no matter what and I'm on Galaxy note 10+
    2024-06-08 21:53:16
  • It just crashed fix this crash issue oh btw great game
    2024-06-07 17:53:07