Zombie Hunter: Offline Games

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Embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure with Zombie Hunter: Offline Games! Crafted by the minds behind Dead Target and Sniper Zombie 3D, it's set to revolutionize zombie shooting games. Playable offline, it offers flexibility without sacrificing excitement. Dive into a story-driven world, facing various challenging matches to prove your hunting prowess. Encounter a range of terrifying zombies, each presenting unique challenges. Armed with an arsenal including sniper rifles and bows, upgrade and fortify your shelter for survival. With stunning graphics and realistic effects, it guarantees an immersive experience. Don't miss out on this ultimate hunting adventure - download it now for free!

Features of Zombie Hunter: Offline Games:

* Offline Gameplay: Play anytime and anywhere without an internet connection.

* Action-Packed Experience: Stay on the edge of your seat with intense shooting and thrilling missions.

* Variety of Zombies: Encounter different types of zombies, each with their own unique abilities and challenges.

* Stunning Graphics: Enjoy realistic and visually appealing graphics that enhance the gameplay experience.

* Wide Range of Weapons: Choose from a diverse selection of powerful weapons to fight against the undead.

* Build and Upgrade Your Shelter: Establish a safe place to strategize and prepare for zombie attacks.


Zombie Hunter: Offline Games is the ultimate zombie hunting experience that offers thrilling gameplay, stunning graphics, and challenging missions. With its offline capability, players can enjoy the action-packed game anytime, anywhere. Encounter a variety of zombies and utilize a wide range of weapons to survive in this dangerous world. Additionally, the ability to build and upgrade your shelter adds depth to the gameplay, providing a strategic element to the game. Download now and embark on your journey as a hunter of the undead for free!



  • it's pretty legit. I've downloaded about 20 games that are zombie first person shooter and most have been uninstalled but this one is staying for sure
    2024-06-07 18:56:32
  • Offline means no need for internet connection right.. offline means play the game solo.. Why is that there's a PVP mode? Player vs player mode means it needs internet connection.. i really don't get it why would you include a pvp mode in an offline game, it is said on the name of the game " zombie hunter offline games" and also post on the about this game.. I don't really get it... Offline means solo played... Online means you can meet other players...
    2024-06-07 12:18:24
  • Best 1st person zombie shooter I've found after trying half andozen different apps. Most get to a point that you have to pay to continue playing. I've been playing this game for a month and haven't spent a dime, so I enjoy the fact I can keep getting further into the campaign for free. Upgrades take time to save up for but it's worth it.
    2024-06-06 03:29:15
  • I feel like I reinstall this zombie shooter every now and then, forgetting why I had uninstalled it before... and then after level 3, the rediculous grind reappears. In order to play more levels, you need to upgrade your gun, which takes money and parts. How do you get them? Either play missions (the ones you're locked out of until you upgrade your guns) or play a single repeatable level that gives you piddling amounts of resources. Takes too long without enough satisfaction/reward.
    2024-06-05 15:14:17
  • Not worth it. Worst drop rates in history, hundreds of premium crates and not even a gun, obvious hackers in competitions, bugs where the map kills you, enemies hit you before even being close, it tries to be "left to survive", but a very very dumbed down version of it... only thing nice is graphics, but it doesn't justify a download. Pay2Win and Pay2Play
    2024-06-05 12:31:16
  • I played this app for a few months, even spend $200 total buying gold to upgrade but not really good enough. Then the app takes double gold bars for med kits, what a rip-off. I finally quit and gave up, tired of getting kill because I can't upgrade weapons until the command center is upgraded and takes about a week to get a upgrade on the command center and then about 2 days for a imaginary building (which never changes in any shape, form, or matter. That is the B.S. that drove me to uninstall.
    2024-06-05 11:50:53