Stickman Shinobi : Ninja Fighting

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Welcome to Stick Shinobi, the ultimate stickman ninja fighting game! Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with martial arts, epic skills, and action-packed one-on-one battles. Test your strength, speed, and agility against dangerous villains as you strive to become the strongest shinobi warrior! Explore a wide range of unpredictable maps, starting from the seemingly serene Green Jungle and progressing to treacherous locations like The Forgotten Sand Valley and The Mountains. Be prepared to face formidable bosses at the end of each level, who will push your skills to the limit. Choose from a diverse roster of powerful ninjas and warriors, each with their own unique fighting style and ultimate abilities. Create powerful combos and witness flashy effects that will leave your opponents in awe. Immerse yourself in the intense combat experience by turning up the volume and enjoying the distinct sound effects for each character. With a starting character pack, 10 maps, 300 levels, and 30 bosses, Stick Shinobi offers endless hours of gripping gameplay. Join the ranks of elite ninjas, fight for your life and glory, and relive the excitement of your favorite manga characters. Download Stick Shinobi today and get ready for the ultimate stickman ninja adventure!

Features of Stickman Shinobi : Ninja Fighting:

❤️ Stick Shinobi offers a wide range of unpredictable maps for players to explore, each with its own unique challenges and levels.

❤️ The game features a diverse selection of ninjas and warriors for players to choose from, each with their own distinct fighting styles and ultimate skills.

❤️ Players can enjoy intense one-on-one combats against dangerous villains and elite ninjas, putting their assassination skills to the test.

❤️ The game includes a starting character pack, allowing players to relive their youth days with their favorite warriors.

❤️ With 10 maps and 300 levels ranging from easy to difficult, Stick Shinobi offers hours of exciting gameplay and progression.

❤️ The higher the result in each level, the better the rewards, providing a sense of accomplishment and incentive for players to improve their skills.


Stick Shinobi is a captivating app that immerses players in a whole new world of stickman ninja legends. With its unpredictable maps, diverse selection of fighters, and intense combats, the game provides an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience. Relive your youth days and download Stick Shinobi today to enjoy the ultimate stickman ninja adventure with your friends.



  • Too many Adds are annoying Don't download because if you are playing this game for 1 hour =adds(45 min) + playing 15 min only So Don't download this game ☠️☠️☠️
    2024-05-18 12:12:27
  • This game is very nice but no level upgrade so I will easily finished the level in one week
    2024-05-18 06:36:54
  • Fun game but the unholy amount of ads forced on you for everything is absolutely insane. I'd rather spend 200 hours dying to Melenia in Elden Ring.
    2024-05-18 02:03:11
  • It's very good lot of fun but it's a bit hard and you forgot guy
    2024-05-18 01:00:37
  • I am very happy to install this app but only one problem that ads are more in online but good game
    2024-05-17 19:05:35
  • The game is very nice but this mb is worth game raruto
    2024-05-17 08:40:48