Kiddy Run 3D: Subway Mad Dash

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Welcome to Kiddy Run 3D: Subway Mad Dash, the ultimate jungle escape and kiddy runner race experience. In this action-packed and intense offline running game, your main objective is to escape from the school teacher and run on the subway runner. Dodge obstacles, surf trains, and jump over traps to earn points and collect coins along the way. Use the coins to upgrade your character or purchase single-use items. With multiple blocky style themes to explore, daily rewards to claim, and gift boxes to collect, this game will keep you addicted and coming back for more. Can you beat the high scores and become the ultimate subway run winner? Play now and find out!

Features of Kiddy Run 3D: Subway Mad Dash:

* Escape from school: Players need to run away from the school teacher and escape from school in this game.

* Endless runner: The game allows players to run endlessly through various obstacles and challenges.

* Subway track: The game takes place on a subway track, adding excitement and thrill to the gameplay.

* Multiple themes: Players can choose from five different themes to escape through, including city, beach, construction, forest, and rail rush.

* Power-ups and collectibles: Players can collect coins and use them to purchase upgrades and power-ups, such as the pogo stick, cycle, magnet, shield, glider, and invisible suit.

* Leaderboard: Players can compete with others and aim to beat high scores to place their mark in the leaderboard as a subway run winner.

In conclusion, Kiddy Run 3D: Subway Mad Dash is a thrilling and addictive endless runner game that allows players to escape from school and run on subway tracks. With multiple themes and exciting power-ups, players can enjoy the challenge of avoiding obstacles and collect coins to upgrade their character. Beat high scores and place your mark on the leaderboard to become the ultimate subway run winner. Click here to download and start playing for free.



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    2024-04-01 07:35:47
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    2024-03-31 23:36:01