STRIKERS 1945 World War M

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Introducing STRIKERS 1945 World War M, the one and only original shooting game that will reign over all others! The beloved arcade shooters of the past have come back in style to rekindle your senses. Dive into the battle right now with this newest incarnation of the past masterpieces. Choose from a collaboration of arcade classics such as the Strikers series, Gunbird, and Tengai. Select and power up your favorite game characters, use their special powers to immerse yourself in strategic battles, and manufacture and dismantle aircraft to create your ultimate fighters. With countless types of missions and hundreds of stages, challenge players worldwide to conquer the global rankings. Download STRIKERS 1945 World War M for free right now and experience classic arcade shooting fantasy!

Features of this App:

- Collaboration of arcade classics: The App features beloved game characters from arcade classics such as the Strikers series, Gunbird, and Tengai. Players can select and power up their favorite characters and utilize their special powers in strategic battles. The ability to manufacture and dismantle aircraft adds depth to the gameplay.

- Countless types of missions and hundreds of stages: Players can choose from normal and hard modes to suit their playing style. Completing missions in each stage and achieving a perfect victory by earning three stars adds to the challenge. The game also offers numerous partners and items to help conquer difficult stages.

- Global multiplayer: The App supports 14 languages, allowing players to enjoy the game with people from all around the world. Players can challenge others worldwide and aim for the top rankings.

- Unique battle progression: The App introduces a new HP system, allowing for longer battles. Players can unleash multiple levels of skills to engage in spectacular, thrill-packed battles.

- Easy controls: The game features simple controls, with aircraft movement controlled by screen slides and shooting and special attacks activated by tapping buttons.

- Free-to-play: The App can be downloaded for free, allowing players to experience classic arcade shooting fantasy without any upfront cost.


STRIKERS 1945 World War M is an exciting and nostalgic shooting game that brings together beloved characters from arcade classics. With a wide variety of missions, challenging stages, and strategic battles, this App offers engaging gameplay experiences. The global multiplayer feature allows players to compete with others from around the world, adding to the excitement. With its easy controls, stunning visuals, and free-to-play model, STRIKERS 1945 World War M is a must-have game for fans of arcade shooting games. Click here to download the App and embark on an epic adventure!