Dark City: Paris F2P Adventure

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Dark City: Paris is an exciting adventure game filled with hidden objects, mini-games, and puzzles from Friendly Fox Studio. Download and play the main game for free, but if you get stuck or don't want to solve a mini-game, you can buy hints to help you proceed quicker. If you're a fan of mystery, puzzles, and brainteasers, then Dark City: Paris is the thrilling detective adventure you've been waiting for. Dive into the unique storyline and start your journey as you uncover the truth behind ghost sightings in Paris. Solve unique puzzles, brain teasers, and seek and find hidden objects to progress in this charming game. Complete the detective story with a bonus chapter in the Louvre and unlock special bonuses like collectibles and morphing objects. Immerse yourself in the stunning graphics and explore over 40 stunning locations in this amazing adventure.

Features of this App:

- Adventure Gameplay: Dark City: Paris offers an exciting adventure game experience with hidden objects, mini-games, and puzzles to solve.

- Free Main Game: Users can download and play the main game for free, allowing them to explore the unique storyline and embark on their detective journey at no cost.

- Hint System: In case players get stuck or don't want to solve a specific mini-game, they have the option to purchase hints to help them proceed faster.

- Mystery and Puzzle Elements: The app caters to fans of mystery, puzzles, and brainteasers, providing a thrilling detective adventure set in Paris.

- Unique Puzzles and Hidden Object Challenges: Users can engage their observational skills to find hidden objects and solve unique puzzles, immersing themselves in the gameplay.

- Bonus Chapter and Collectibles: The app includes a bonus chapter segment set in the Louvre, allowing players to continue the detective story. Users can also unlock special bonuses by finding collectibles and morphing objects.


Dark City: Paris is an immersive and engaging adventure game for users who enjoy mystery, puzzle-solving, and hidden object challenges. With its captivating storyline, intuitive gameplay features, and stunning locations, the app offers a thrilling experience for players. The option to download and play the main game for free, as well as the availability of hints to assist users, makes it accessible and user-friendly. Additionally, the bonus chapter and collection challenges add extra depth to the gameplay, providing further entertainment value.



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