Yellow Monster Survival

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Yellow Monster Survival is a horror adventure game that takes players on a haunting and suspenseful journey. Set in an abandoned children's camp, players must unravel dark secrets and evade terrifying monsters as they assume the role of a mysterious character with no memory of their identity or the reason for being in this eerie place. With simple yet impressive 2D graphics and intense sound effects, the game creates a dark and immersive atmosphere that will leave players feeling terrified and tense. With multiple endings and various difficulty levels, Yellow Monster Survival offers a unique and thrilling gameplay experience for horror genre enthusiasts. Use virtual arrow keys to navigate, search for clues and items, and stay cautious in the presence of lurking monsters. Download now to experience survival in the abandoned area and uncover the mysterious story behind Yellow Monster Survival.


- Impressive 2D graphics: The game has visually stunning graphics that contribute to its dark and immersive atmosphere.

- Combines elements of humor and horror: Yellow Monster Survival offers a unique blend of scares and humor, providing a captivating experience for players.

- Multiple difficulty levels: The game offers a range of difficulty levels, allowing players to test their abilities and adjust the challenge to their liking.

- Dark and intense atmosphere: The game creates a tense and eerie atmosphere, making players feel like they are in a horror movie.

- Vivid sound effects: The intense sound effects in the game, such as sudden noises, heavy breathing, and spine-chilling cries of the monsters, add to the overall fear and tension.

- Multiple endings: Depending on the player's decisions, the game has multiple endings that gradually reveal a portion of the mysterious story behind it, encouraging replayability.


Yellow Monster Survival is a horror adventure game that offers players a haunting and suspenseful experience. With its impressive 2D graphics, combination of humor and horror, various difficulty levels, dark and intense atmosphere, vivid sound effects, and multiple endings, the game is designed to attract players who enjoy the horror genre. It elicits strong emotions ranging from fear to joy and encourages players to reflect on survival issues in their own lives. Download Yellow Monster Survival now to experience survival in an abandoned area and face fierce monsters.



  • This is nice game but the car play and raindeer ride is so irritating
    2024-04-04 05:14:48
  • Please add online mod
    2024-04-04 00:11:48
  • Very good game i Love this game
    2024-04-03 18:06:01
  • Garten ban ban of Yellow Monster Survival
    2024-04-03 16:46:26
  • E4 and I
    2024-04-01 17:30:49
  • This is so horrible. You get to play for about a minute then an add then another minute then another add. You really don't get a chance to play the game your just basically watching adds. So I deleted it immediately I want to play the game not watch adds every 60 seconds of gameplay. This sucks and it's a shame too cause it's a cool game if it wasn't for an add every minute on the minute.
    2024-03-31 23:35:16