Blackmoor 2

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Introducing Blackmoor 2, the ultimate one-on-one chase and team battle game that combines new and old styles. With eye-catching battlespaces that are always changing and adding new features, test your skills to become a noble and brave warrior. Explore the mysterious maze with 13 mighty heroes, facing challenging monsters and collecting powerful weapons like hammers, axes, swords, and super gloves. Navigate dangerous yet fascinating dungeons filled with traps and guards, and practice your single combat skills in round 1vs.1 battles. Connect with friends to go to war online against real players, trade weapons, and complete missions. In special battles, spend your hard-earned money on military helicopters and drop bombs to defeat funny monsters. Improve your armor and movement abilities to win the war. Download Blackmoor 2 now and join the ultimate battle!

Features of this App:

- One-on-One Chase and Team Battle: Engage in exciting one-on-one chase battles and team battles using new and old styles.

- Eye-catching Battle Spaces: The battles take place in visually appealing and constantly changing spaces, with new features added to test your skills.

- 13 Mighty Heroes: Unlock and play with 13 powerful heroes, each with their own unique abilities, in order to explore the mysterious maze.

- Challenging Monsters and Bosses: Face difficult challenges in solo mode as you fight monsters and evil beasts, requiring a wide range of fighting skills and strategic thinking.

- Dangerous and Fascinating Dungeons: Explore a mysterious labyrinth filled with traps, where moving carefully and paying attention to directions is crucial to finding the way out.

- Multiplayer Mode: Connect with friends and engage in online battles with four real players, where you can trade weapons and missions to create a competitive environment.


Blackmoor 2 Mod Apk is an action-packed app that offers thrilling one-on-one chase battles, team battles, and mysterious dungeons to explore.The visually appealing battle spaces and challenging monsters add excitement, while the need to strategize and improve fighting skills keeps players engaged. The app's special battle round, featuring military helicopters, offers a unique and thrilling challenge. Overall, Blackmoor 2 Mod Apk is a must-download for action game enthusiasts seeking an immersive and entertaining experience.



  • Game is free and fun to play upto a certain point. Playing this game on dark mode and winning requires cheesing and using exploits since the enemies are unbalanced. VS mode against bots in dark mode is broken. Characters are heavily unbalanced. Some characters are useless while some are broken and op. Ex Frank bot dark mode 1v1 is frustrating asf. Your grapples don't register while he spams his. If you create distance he either uses his ranged or simple gets closer with his long reach normal.
    2024-04-02 23:19:06
  • I just downloaded this last night. It's sweet to the point. Love the graphics and the boss levels aren't to bad either. Wish it was a way you guys coukd implement when they upgraded their appearance or countenance transfigure..
    2024-04-02 23:04:43
  • The game is good in overall but, I'm only seeing two problems. #1. the attack+jump doesn't work at all and #2 the enemies play a bit scared. all they do is duck and spam attack or shoot projectiles.
    2024-03-31 17:20:17
  • Such a great game. The fights remind me of Tekken, as every millisecond count. I use my PS4 controller to play it, and I can play offline with friends or online with other people! The only game I paid at as a thank you to the developers, and not for the coins or characters.
    2024-03-31 07:30:14
  • Really awesome, fast paced action. Would DEFINITELY recommend. It asked if this is a third-person action-adventure game, and I clicked not sure, bc I guess it's kinda balanced between, being a 2D sidescroller similar to Scribblenauts. Great story and awesome gameplay make this game definitely worth playing.
    2024-03-31 06:04:43
  • A genuinely enjoyable mobile game. Just Needed something to pass the time but found a game that I look forward to playing when I have downtime at work. Diverse, good mechanics and fun gameplay. Story levels are nice and the pub fighter mini game was a cool homage to fighting game genre.
    2024-03-30 16:27:26