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Introducing Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia, a thrilling sci-fi action shooting RPG set in a devastated near-future world. Use various weapons to defeat enemies and navigate through a world full of unknown giant creatures and hostile forces. The controls are simple, with left and right movements serving as evasions and taps to attack opponents automatically. Shoot enemies with a sniper rifle and a wide range of other powerful weapons. The shooting action is easy to control, making it enjoyable for all players. Gather friends and special weapons to dominate the battlefield. Equip different weapons and sortie with friends to take on different missions. Strengthen your weapons and players in the workshop, create new items, and level up your characters. Enjoy the captivating graphics and immerse yourself in the engaging story. Download Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia now and uncover the secrets of this post-apocalyptic world!

- Various Weapons: The app offers a wide range of weapons for players to use, from sniper rifles to assault rifles and shotguns.

- Simple Controls: The controls are easy to use, with left and right movements for evasion and tapping to attack opponents.

- Auto-lock on Enemies: The app automatically locks onto nearby enemies, making it easier for those who are not good at action games to enjoy.

- Friends and Special Weapons: Players can choose friends and weapons before entering battles, and special weapons can be used for powerful attacks.

- Factory for Item Creation: In the workshop, players can create items that will give them an advantage in battle, such as medkits to restore physical strength.

- Engaging Graphics and Story: The opening movie of the game has beautiful graphics on par with movies, and there is a detailed database that provides explanations of in-game powers and terminology.


Evolution- Battle for Utopia is an action-packed shooting RPG that offers a variety of weapons, easy controls, and engaging graphics and story. With the auto-lock on enemies feature and the option to choose friends and special weapons, players of all skill levels can enjoy the game. Additionally, the workshop allows for item creation, adding another level of strategy to the gameplay. Click here to download Evolution 2 and start your battle for Utopia now!



  • Edit: My ticket id is adf -898 -830001. I wish I could send you screen shots here. Original: Lost account. After an update, the multiple account login from same device is disabled. And, when I tried it, my game progress was reset to zero. Continuous emails to support team led to no response. Is this the way you deal with your players? Support team is continuously ignoring my e-mails. Worst experience from support staff. PS: I really like this game that's why I want to get my account back.
    2024-04-01 16:35:50
  • After the first little battle in the game it freezes. You do the battle, it'll show your rewards and the exp you earn, then it shows the loading screen and freezes. If you close then open again it'll just stay frozen on the loading screen Edit: I'm finally able to start playing and it is beautiful. Smooth, sound can get choppy at times amd some grammar issues, but otherwise a great game. Well done
    2024-03-31 14:30:51
  • Great game ,game play I great slow motion play is also great 5out of 5.
    2024-03-31 10:25:13
  • The game is over all ok if you want to play alone, but if you enter PVP game starts to freeze, I have lost many medipacks and battles due to it. Also I was not able to receive equipment from the boxes cause either the ads network won't respond or they don't want to give you the equipment even after seeing the ad 2-3 three times for the same, only waiting logo keeps going. I have tried 4G Mobile data as well as high speed wifi, results the same, 35% time I have faced this problems while playing.
    2024-03-31 09:45:56
  • Buggy Co-op. Lag badly and upon reconnecting can't move or shoot, then game crashed. UI is confusing, and unnecessary complexity with the upgrades and weapons. Why do I have to use specific weapons in different missions? I played this game as part of a deal with another game, but nevermind, I'll skip the deal.
    2024-03-31 07:32:00
  • I'm Impressed. At how horribly you failed this sequel. You have somehow managed to take every single mechanic that was fun or interesting from the game and remove it or make it worse. This isn't even the same game it's just a different game with the same assets. Not only is this a huge disappointment but you've also somehow managed to make literally everything but the graphics worse.
    2024-03-30 13:45:50