Shopping Cart Defense

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Introducing Shopping Cart Defense, the ultimate defense game with a twist! Defend yourself against waves of groupies using bananas, pitchforks, and even UFOs. Explore the farmlands and snowy mountains to uncover the mysteries of the jungle, although triumph might not be easy to achieve. With an array of exciting features, including exploding cows, pigs, and bananas, as well as all your favorite characters from Shopping Cart Hero, this game guarantees endless entertainment. Earn power-up upgrades to enhance your towers and discover their incredible capabilities. Customize your strengths by upgrading the tower classes you use the most. Don't miss out on the action - click now to download!

Features of this App:

- Epic battles with various enemies: The app offers exciting gameplay with waves of groupies, monkeys, gorillas, snowmen, exploding cows, pigs, bananas, and explosions. Users can enjoy intense battles against these unique enemies.

- Unique tower defense concept: Unlike traditional tower defense games, this app combines the concept with shopping carts, adding a new twist to the gameplay. Users can defend their territories using shopping carts as towers.

- Familiar and new characters: The app features all the favorite characters from the original game, Shopping Cart Hero, along with a wide variety of new characters. This offers a nostalgic experience for existing fans and introduces new characters for added excitement.

- Power-up upgrades for towers: Users can earn power-up upgrades throughout the game, allowing them to improve their towers and make them more powerful. This adds a strategic element, as players can customize their towers based on their preferred playstyle.

- Interactive environments: The app takes users through different landscapes, including farmlands, snowy mountains, and mysterious jungles. Each environment poses unique challenges and adds diversity to the gameplay experience.

- Engaging graphics and explosions: With exploding cows, pigs, bananas, and explosions galore, the app offers visually appealing graphics that enhance the excitement and entertainment value of the game.


Overall, the Shopping Cart Defense app provides an exhilarating and unique tower defense gameplay experience. With its combination of epic battles, familiar and new characters, power-up upgrades, interactive environments, and visually engaging graphics, this app is sure to attract users. The diverse range of enemies and the use of shopping carts as towers add a creative twist to the traditional tower defense genre. Whether you are a fan of the original Shopping Cart Hero game or new to the concept, this app offers an enjoyable and addictive gameplay experience. Click the download button now to join the epic battles and defend your territory!



  • It's a nice game for the children and elders
    2024-04-01 02:34:28
  • Love it like its my girlfriend
    2024-03-31 23:59:27
  • So badass lol
    2024-03-31 09:10:29
  • Buuuut need a lot more stages plz
    2024-03-31 04:51:19
  • I hate it but not really
    2024-03-30 08:25:23
  • Love this game so much
    2024-03-30 08:08:18