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DuckStation is a high-performance simulator/emulator for the Sony PlayStation console. It aims to provide accurate gameplay while maintaining speed and long-term maintainability. To use the emulator, you will need a BIOS ROM image, which can be dumped from your own console. Games are not provided with the emulator, so you will need to legally purchase and dump your own games. DuckStation supports various game image formats and features OpenGL, Vulkan, and software rendering options. It also offers enhancements such as upscaling, widescreen rendering, and adaptive downsampling. With controller and keyboard binding, retro achievements, and memory card editing, DuckStation provides a comprehensive PlayStation gaming experience. Download now to play your favorite PlayStation games!

Features of this App:

- Playability, Speed, and Long-Term Maintainability: DuckStation focuses on providing a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience while maintaining high performance and long-term stability.

- Compatibility and Game Format Support: The emulator supports various game image formats such as cue, iso, img, ecm, mds, chd, and unencrypted PBP. It also allows conversion or re-dumping of games in other formats.

- Rendering Options: DuckStation provides rendering options including OpenGL, Vulkan (recommended), and software rendering. It supports upscaling, texture filtering, and true color in hardware renderers. Widescreen rendering is also available for supported games without stretching.

- Additional Enhancements: The emulator offers features like PGXP for geometry precision, texture correction, and depth buffer emulation. It includes an adaptive downsampling filter and supports 60fps in PAL games where supported. Each game can have its own settings for enhancements and controller mapping.

- Additional Functionality: DuckStation supports up to 8 controllers in supported games with multitap. It allows controller and keyboard binding, with vibration support for controllers. RetroAchievements are supported in compatible games, and there is a memory card editor for managing saves.

- Performance and Customization: The emulator offers features like built-in patch code database, save states with preview screenshots, fast turbo speeds for mid to high-end devices, emulated CPU overclocking to improve FPS in games, rewinding (not recommended for slow devices), and controller layout editing and scaling.


DuckStation is a feature-rich emulator for the Sony PlayStation console that prioritizes playability, speed, and long-term maintainability. It supports various game formats, provides rendering options, and includes additional enhancements for better gaming experiences. With its additional functionality and customization options, it offers a comprehensive solution for PlayStation gaming on compatible devices. Click here to download the app.