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Introducing super back of warriors of fate! With the latest update, we have added two exciting play modes for you to enjoy - "World Ranking" and "Training". In "World Ranking" mode, you can now save your score and compete against players worldwide. The higher your score, the more prominent your video recording will be, giving you a chance to increase your revenue as a game YouTuber. We have also improved the control and display optimization, giving you a smoother and more stable gameplay experience. So why wait? Click to download now and join the global gaming community!

Features oof super back of warriors of fate:

- Two Play Modes: The app includes two play modes - "World Ranking" and "Training". This allows users to challenge themselves on a global level or practice their skills in a more relaxed environment.

- Score Saving: Scores achieved in the "World Ranking" mode can be saved and displayed in the global rankings. This feature encourages competition among players and adds a sense of accomplishment.

- Video Linking: Users can link the URL of their play recordings to their saved scores. This means that the higher their score, the more prominently their video will be displayed. This feature can be beneficial for game YouTubers, as it can help increase their revenue.

- Continuation with Coins: In the "Training" mode, users have the option to continue playing by using coins. This feature allows players to extend their gameplay and practice further, even if they run out of lives.

- Control Optimization: The app offers a smoother operation feeling through control optimization. This ensures that users have a more enjoyable and responsive gaming experience.

- Display Optimization: The display of the app has been optimized to enhance visual aesthetics and improve user experience. This allows users to easily navigate the app and access all its features without any difficulties.

In conclusion, super back of warriors of fate offers various features to enhance the user experience and provide additional functionality. With its two play modes, score saving and global rankings, video linking, continuation with coins, control optimization, and display optimization, it caters to both competitive players and those who prefer relaxed gameplay. Download this app now to enjoy an immersive and engaging gaming experience.



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