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Introducing RoV: Experience a thrilling 5v5 MOBA game on your mobile device with ROV Game's latest features! The update includes a new hero, Bloody Punisher Kaine, and adjustments to the gameplay of the Holy Dragon and Dark Slayer. Protect your jungle with the new mechanism and equip yourself with the powerful new in-game item, the Eclipsing Bow. Join the action-packed team fights, where strategy and planning are key, and challenge yourself to win in this balanced and competitive MOBA game. Get ready for a 10-minute game full of excitement, with smooth controls designed by experienced game developers. Be part of breathtaking esports competitions among the best players in the Pro League. Download RoV now and embark on an epic journey!

Features of this App:

- New Hero – Bloody Punisher Kaine

- Gameplay adjustments for the Holy Dragon and the Dark Slayer

- New jungle protection mechanism

- New in-game item: Eclipsing Bow, The Diminisher

- Update Carano Chess gameplay

- Improved gameplay experience

- Hero adjustments to support world tournament

- Bug fixes and improvements


The popular Carano Chess gameplay has also been updated for an improved experience. Furthermore, the app offers improved gameplay overall, with hero adjustments specifically tailored to support world tournaments. Bug fixes and general improvements ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. With its thrilling features and competitive gameplay, ROVGame is a must-download for MOBA enthusiasts.



  • The matchmaking is straight up broken and the game seems to give huge handicaps to entire teams making every game a wipe. It's not fun. It doesn't matter how good you or your team is, the game decides who wins before the match even starts. It's not fun. It's just frustrating to play.
    2024-03-31 15:01:46
  • It's a mobile MOBA we all know that most mobile games are suck.The game is actually enjoyable but for someone who use something like LOL or DotA don't expect much It's not at the same level. But graphics actually look really good.(that's why I rate this 3 stars because in gameplay aspect It's bad).The gameplay is basically spamming skill and got kill no brain involved.
    2024-03-31 13:53:28
  • Matchmaking is very terrible. The system will match no matter what level player is. It will group the low level player with high level player (ex. lv. 15 with highest lv. 30) which they are no in-game experience enough. It is not a fair system. Be prepare to take the newbie with you team and play against the expert player lv.30
    2024-03-31 02:47:44
  • The quality of players are the lowest of its kind. I've been playing for 2 years and I guarantee that there's no balance in the system. How can you put a player under 10 rounds in the same team with 1000+ rounds when the other team players are all above 1000 rounds. Its such unfair game
    2024-03-30 01:29:18
  • โครตแย่เลย เซิร์ฟหลุด เนตไม่ได้หลุด ทำให้ต้องออกเกมเข้าใหม่ แต่กลับโดน AFK แถมโดนแจ้งอีก จะรับผิดชอบยังไง คราวก่อนนู้นเพิ่มดาวมาให้ดาวเดียว แต่หลุดไปสองรอบนะ It's very bad on your serve make me out of game and got report AFK. i've checked internet signal. It's ok. This problem similar last time, i was out of game 2 times but you refund 1 star back to me
    2024-03-29 10:34:49
  • No English text for daily missions. Players are noobs and are quitting a lot more frequently. I advise you guys switch to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Competition there is a lot intense and it has more good players.
    2024-03-29 08:15:55